This is The Orion Project. On August 19 2011 I was contacted by a man from Orion. Soon after by a Dinosaur and Reptilians. I was introduced to the fact that all these years I have been an egg donor in their genetic program. The Orion Project was my documentation of the contact and an exploration into whether the contact was real or imaginary. Months into the contact I concluded with confidence that the aliens were real.

This website publishes stories and word by word written down telepathic conversations from my everday life as an egg donor with the aliens. Featuring me a human egg donor, Hamish the red Dragon Turtle of the old Draconian race, Reptilians, Orions, Zetas, Dinosaurs, Alpha Thetan Dark Lords. Thuban praying mantis dolphin, human-alien hybrids, and associated human military of Russia and the United States, and the human-Reptilian hybrids Japanese Dragon Dynasty. The friendly extraterrestrials the Airship People, Pleiadians, Ummo, and many others.

I have telepathic conversations and interaction with the aliens every day and I try to write down everything. Thousands of pages illustrate this well-documented case of alien contact.

Much of the material is too violent, shocking, and sexual to post online, and has been set aside to the telepathy series books only for adults to read.

Check back here often as there are new updates almost every day.

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The Orion glyph second from last on the right is Shuurah and means eggs or ovum. The last one on the right is Kembrahh and means idiot. Find the first four in the book "Letters to SETI 1". The fifth one from the left I don't know what it means.

I asked the Orion man why such a simple glyph was reserved for a noun such as "ovum". The Orion man told me about Shuurah, "It means new future, new beginning, and it is also used for egg." The Orions have several different meanings for each glyph. "Atek" can mean message, song, and also letter. "Pine" can mean remember, but it also means wise or wisdom. Reading a combination of glyphs, a sentence, requires fluid thinking.

It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than
to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.
- Carl Sagan

Hello this is me. Hamish calls me his "Buttercups". Find out who Hamish is, and why he thinks of me as botany, if you read our stories here.

I am an egg donor!
Hamish thinks this frog looks tasty
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I always interpret my Draconians as "cuddly" even though they want to be fierce. It makes me happy. Hamish said "No" to this picture and interpretation.

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