Switzerland Reticulan Hybrid Kindergarten

Thank you. An alien encounter story that does not include rape or anything uncomfortable. And this one takes me actually to a place away from my bed and into the midst of alien hybrid kids and older hybrids all around me. I think I was taken to the Zeta kindergarten in Switzerland.

The morning on August 6 2017. I had woken up from the night's sleep, where I had already had many vivid dreams. It was raining outside in the night. I am in between jobs right now so I have no reason to get out of bed early in the morning, and that is why I had stayed in bed and fallen back to sleep again and woke up at 2 PM after the visit to Switzerland and now I got up to get dressed and am writing this story.

We don't get any winegums here, do you hear me? That must be loud and clear. - a Reticulan to me now, August 6 2017, 2:16 PM
We are doing this, because those guys they are dominating us. - this or other Reticulan calmly, to me about the Reptilians
Aha, ok. I understand then. - me
Tok Tok Tok. - Hamish
Tok Tok Hamish! - me
We don't like them to play with these toys here. Ah, grrr. - Hamish about a toy car with wheels, he growls as he thinks of the car driven along the floor by a child

As I have said before, when a person sleeps through the night, then wakes up in the morning and goes back to sleep being already actually fully rested, they have a high probability of experiencing lucid dreams. Perhaps we lose consciousness at night when we sleep because our mind was awake all day and it needs to shut down and rest for that time. But when we have already rested and we stay in bed and fall back to sleep again without really needing to sleep, the mind stays awake even though it goes to dreaming. So we experience dreams that are more vivid, we see more pictures, the images appear clearer, the story of what is happening is more involved, and we might find ourselves awake and aware in the dream and it becomes a lucid dream. We are also more likely to remember those dreams after we wake up.

Dream about the cockatoo

I first had a long dream where I was in the backyard garden of my childhood home. It was summer and the hedge and grass were green. I looked up and saw a strange white feathered cockatoo flying above me. I tried to get it to come down to me by throwing some sunflower seeds on the ground for it. It came down to me and landed on my shoulder. I remember thinking is this one of the Bird Race but it did not have a blue beak or blue flat feet so it could not be one.

The bird appeared sick and I wondered if there was something wrong with its intestines. Would I have to take it to a veterinarian, that would be very expensive! I asked the bird if it has pood I was wondering if it was constipated perhaps. But turns out, it had only been pregnant so I would not need to take it to a veterinarian. There was a nest up on a neighbor's balcony with three of its little ones, each of a different size and slightly different color.

I climbed up to the balcony and lifted the baby owls who were already big the size of adult cats into a blanket that I folded up so that they could only get out the same way they got in

Yes-No, a holding room. YES-NO I said!!! - Hamish
Hamish? What is your problem now? - me
Yes-No, the little baby owls can't get out. - Hamish, his eyelids closed in what should be a smile but I cannot read his emotion right now because he is not smiling
But Hamish. I am telling a story of a dream. - me
I don't like baby owls being captured. - Hamish, and I see his two flat duck feet
I was rescuing them, to take them to a safe place. I was taking them to my home, to be safe. Let me continue the story you will see what happened. - me
I was proud of you. Tok Tok Tok. Tok Tok. - Hamish, "proud of you" in my native language, I don't think he has ever said that he was proud of me before

I yelled to my older sister who was there in my dream but we were both younger than we are now, we were both the age we were when we lived there, I told her to go and get a basket. She handed me a basket and I lifted the blanket and the baby owls into the basket and was going to move this to our balcony instead, so that it could be safe. The neighbors who lived here obviously did not know what I was doing and they turned their lights on and were yelling at me angry so I decided to get away from there quickly.

Dream analysis:

Don't worry. They won't grow up and kill you. Not if you were helping their babies to find a better rest. - Hamish, or did he say nest?

Does Hamish know that I am only describing a dream?

I would go to my river now. Tok Tok. - Hamish
I love you Sock Turtle. I am proud of you. For going to the river. And for being you. - me

Hamish thinks about how the owl in my story had been pregnant, and that seems to mean something to him, it makes him concerned, involved, and it makes him care.

I would like to see them there. I like them very much. Yes-No, ouch! - Hamish about hedgehogs he would like them in my story, his upper eyelids closed diagonally partly and lower eyelids up horisontally he was happy about the thought of the hedgehogs, Yes-No ouch is about that it hurts to pick them up with the hands

Yes-No, the little ones that were taken. Yes-No. - Hamish about the baby owls
Hamish, it was just a dream. It did not really happen. - me
A dream? What is that? Tok Tok. - Hamish or more probably Tik Tok, he looked right at me and was confused and was using all of the capability of logic in his mind, his head slowly swaying side, to side
Hamish. When humans... my race, goes to sleep, we see dreams in our mind. - me
Yes... - Hamish in my other language, his impulse was to want to grab at my fingers, almost as if what I said would have been upsetting to him, but he said Yes calmly

We are really sorry about our water-closets being that way, being really dirty. - one of the hybrid young men the one with the strange head says to me now
It's ok. Are you saying that I was really there, that it wasn't just a dream? - me
We don't like to clean up! - he says about toys taken to piles of toys that he and the kids don't like to clean up that way

Dream analysis: I encountered the Anunaki in my remote viewing of Mars four days ago and they were Serpents. Someone who listened to it on YouTube objected that the Anunaki were depicted as bird creatures. I then found pictures on the internet with Anunaki depicted as birds with a bird head and beak, but others depicting them as human men with feathered wings, but also a text that clearly stated that in Babylon the Anunaki were most definitely Serpent. So I have been wondering if the Anunaki were perhaps the Bird Race Master Race. I think that I dreamt about the owl or cockatoo, in the dream I was wondering if it was the Bird Race. I think this comes from that conundrum.

UFO watching with the man

But moving on. In the dream. Next in the dream... I now remember another segment in the dreams that I had just forgotten. It was in some type of basement and we had been reading books. Now wait a minute, my mind is trying to remember. There was something there in that mostly dark basement that I cannot decipher, that I did not see while in the dream. Anyway, in the dream... wait a minute, what is this that is returning to my memory? Was there a Reptilian who looks like my red Hamish there and did a Zeta Grey approach me holding a white hybrid baby in its arms in that basement? Where is this coming from, because in the dream I was only there and handing some books out to a black woman who later when I was back from rescuing the birds and in my childhood backyard she had thrown the book in the trash bin and I had rescued the book from there. I saw no Reptilian or Greys in the dreams in the basement, but somehow now I begin to remember it differently.

Anyhow. I picked up the book that she had thrown into the bin. I did not like books being thrown away like trash. And I was on the lawn realizing that a whole week had gone by and I had not studied for the upcoming exam which would come eventually in my physics course so I decided I would have to start studying for it.

There is an adult man with red hair.

Tok Tok Tok. - Hamish responds when I wrote that, showing his back hump with with his hands at the lower back
Yes, Hamish? - me
I will bite your fingers I said. - Hamish
About what, Hamish? - me
About, me not being the langoustines with your race anymore! - Hamish, his eyes do that glare again that I do not think means that he is happy, even though it looks similar to a smile it feels different
Hamish? You will always be my langoustines. - me
I did not want to take their toys away from them. - Hamish about the hybrid kids what he said when I woke up about taking away the toys of the hybrids from the kindergarten I remembered actually visiting in my sleep
I am proud. - Hamish
I am proud of you Hamish. - me
Tok Tok Tok. - Hamish
Hamish, how are you feeling? What are your emotions right now? - me
Yes-No, feline. Yes-No, about catching them. I wanted them to be saved, not blood. - Hamish about my story of the owl babies, I had said they were the size of cats so that is maybe how he gets that mixed up and also that I said I would move them to a safer place
In the dream... I had moved the baby owls to a safe place. They were safe. Safe owls! Everything is good, Tortoise! I love you Hamish. Everything is wonderful today, and everyone loves you. - me
Grrr, Yes-No. - Hamish thinks about stepping onto the car from earlier, he does not want it on the floor

So in the dream I was about to study physics and a man shows up and it is as if we already know each other and that we are very close. I don't know why but I think he was naked. He had brown eyes and red hair, he was maybe 28-32 years old I would guess. He does not look like anyone I know from my life. Anyhow he was there.

It was now evening and almost night dark. He and I went further out from my backyard to where I used to watch for UFOs. I was showing them to him. A strange thing flew past in the sky, but this one made an engine noise and flew slowly, it seemed to be towing behind it a flag or a sign that was black and yellow as if a warning sign of some sort. I told the man that the UFOs I see never make an engine sound.

Hybrid kindergarten!

The adolescent male hybrid with the strange elongated head

Next I find myself standing in a corridor and there are hybrid kids running all around me. The corridor I now know is the hallway at home where I grew up, at least that symbolism was used in the dream. The kids do not look typically hybrid or Zeta like. They are more human than hybrid, most of them have brown hair and not blonde. They have white skin, and most do not have oversized eyes. Many have strangely formed heads, like the adolescent male who had no hair growing on his head and his head had an odd shape elongated upward and to the back.

It was a myriad of strange hybrid children

We hope that she does not stop to like us, after she learns that you drink their blood. - Reticulan to Hamish in a calm manner and voice
We are the Masters. We are Gardening here. We are going to, Tok Tok! - Hamish

The children were ages I would say from 7 to 16 years old, meaning that I did not see any babies or toddlers or really little ones there, also some of them I felt should have been too old to be put into a group of children as they felt to be of an age where they should rather be in a group of adolescents. I felt from those few, which includes the male I described with the head, that they were not of a mindset to be placed together with little kids because they were too old to be in a group of children.

All of the kids wore the same type of clothes, thick like cotton fabric long-sleeve shirts and long pants and some type of socks, all an off-white like white or pale gray color, and it was loose fitting on all of them. Looking at the sea of kids it was something one notices, how there is a complete lack of color represented in their clothing. We are used to seeing kids on Earth wearing bright colors, but there was not a single splash of color on their clothing.

The kids were everywhere, and it was extremely crowded in these halls and rooms. I stood there, where I had found myself suddenly standing, and the kids were running around me and there was not a single space available, you had to move through a crowd to get through.

They were all getting into the play-area rooms. That is what they had been waiting for. - Reticulan now to me
Was I really there? I dreamt that I was - me interrupted
You were not in our nursing facility again. Because you had those bad dreams again. You didn't want to see them! - Reticulan
So we took you to the hospice. - Hamish adds, hospice should refer to the kindergarten I was in

Hello this is Josh. How can we help you? - Joshua Bryant
Hi Josh... I dreamt that I was in a room - me interrupted
WE DID NOT KIDNAP HER! - Reticulan to Josh
It sounds to me like you did. - Josh to Reticulan

When the Reticulan said earlier about the nursing facility, the image was of a Reticulan, maybe itself, holding a baby hybrid in its arms and feeding it from a bottle.

She wasn't saying about the cats, to scare you. - Reticulan to Hamish about how I wrote about the size of a cat earlier

It was a sea of kids. Kids running in a steady stream through the hallways into the larger room which was behind me. But also some of those older kids who I felt did not belong into a group of kids anymore but who were placed into the same group still. I have never been in such a place that felt so crowded of kids.

A Zeta Reticulan was feeding a little girl in the hallway with just a small amount of the kind of soda which is white and does not have a flavor profile but is just sweet from sugar, a sugar soda. She was only going to get a small amount. I think the Reticulan had asked me to tell the girl why too much soda is bad, so I told the girl that when someone drinks too much of that soda they will get fat and big and get sick with diabetes and I listed some other diseases too I forget which ones. This is a common theme among the Reticulans. They always tell me that I am not allowed to eat any sugar.

It disrupts with your hormones. That is why we forbade it for you. - Reticulan who then plummets its head straight down maybe in a sign of sadness and defeat, it has a large bulbuous head
Was she arguing with me? - Reticulan or Hamish
No, she wasn't arguing with me. - Hamish

I then realized that the man I had been with should also be here somewhere! I asked them where he is and I went into a room where I found him on the floor on mattresses. He was still naked. He was lying on his back. I went to him and gently stroked his cheek telling him not to be afraid and that we had been abducted to this place. I told him that I realize since he is just waking up he probably needs to pee first, so I took him by his hand to go and find him a toilet.

The toilets were

This was Hamish. Yes-No, stink. - Hamish, "stink" in my native language (NL), about the toilets that I am about to talk about, because as I would find out next in the dreams, the toilets there stink... but how does Hamish know that, if I have not written that here before, if I only saw that earlier in a dream?

If you want a bigger image click on the picture

The toilets were, as I was about to write next, located in the hallway near this room. (I was not even getting ready to write about how the toilets stink, or did Hamish pick that up from my thoughts already? Hamish notices every detail of my thoughts.) I saw two toilets, I was trying to figure out which one he could go to. There was already a line, there would always be a line, waiting to go there. When the hybrids used a toilet they never closed the door behind them, as if they were not ashamed of using the bathroom.

They just ran in there one at a time and used the toilet and soon ran back out again. I saw two toilet rooms, one next to the other. At first I thought it must be one for the men, one for the women? But then someone explained to me a list with an alphabetical list of names. They told me that this man who I was with his name started with "K" so this decided which toilet was for him. It seems, everybody would know their toilet that they were assigned to. Also, everyone was written up on a list in alphabetical order.

Do you remember the pizza, or the spaghetti, that we ate here? - this seems to be the adolescent hybrid I have described before
No? I don't remember that. - me
We like to feed you Earth-foods here. So that we can see what it looks like. - one type of Reticulan or Reticulan hybrid with a strange eye that looks like a fish eye with black and blue iris
But I don't eat meat... Do not feed me any meat. - me
I would eat it first. If I were me. - Hamish

HA HA HA! I WOULD EAT IT FIRST, IF I WERE ME! Oh Hamish you always crack a good one!!! This dragon makes my heart shine! He means that if there were a plate with meat and maybe spaghetti then he would be sure to eat the meat first instead of the other things there on the plate. If I were me...

Hamish, you make me so happy! Just by being you. - me
I am the proud race. - Hamish, "proud race" in my other language
So the kids were bothering you then? - someone from there not Hamish
Umm... Not really. - me
Because they were sleeping first. That was their sleeping suits. We let them play after they wake up. Then they get their food. - Reticulan
I was there? Was I, or am I still there, somehow? - me
We take them to a shower room. And then, next, we tell them to take their shoes on. And then they get to brush their teeth, those who have them. - Reticulan, meaning those who have teeth brush their teeth
We take them from your eggs, your ovum. - Hamish
Are you surprised? - Hamish or other alien about the eggs taking
We have been telling you this for a long time. This is not a new journey. - a type of white alien

Next there I noticed how the bathrooms were really dirty. There was a sink for washing hands in each of the bathrooms, each seemed to have only one toilet.

No. There were many. - Reticulan
Otherwise, they fight over who gets to use them. - Reticulan, about there being many toilets in one room
And they do not get to talk about their feces. We put a stop to that! We do not want to know, what they eat! - Hamish being in charge of things again
And they do not get to show their dicks to each other! - Reticulan about kids in the bathroom

What I saw, was that the paper basket was already full and there was a lot of paper on the floors, a lot of paper, maybe both hand towel paper and toilet paper, and the toilet rooms were both really dirty and smelled bad. I noticed however that the smell of poo was not like any such smell I have noticed before, it was like an unknown smell of poo like from some other animal. The toilets were really dirty and I was about to ask myself if I should find some cleaning supplies to go and clean it or what, I wondered who cleans these and how often because it was not ok.

Next I was shown to the large room that kids had been running into and out of through the hallway I had first found myself in. That room there was large and it had huge windows and through those windows I saw first a large open grass field, some spruce trees to the left, and the alps. This was very clearly and unmistakably the Switzerland base that they have told me about so many times, where they have so many times already told me that the hybrid kids live. After seeing the alps through the window I woke up back here again.

Was it all a dream?

Was that all just a dream? Why did the dream start with a UFO sighting and take me to a place with swarms of hybrid kids running around? And why was I shown in the dream that this was in Switzerland which implies it being the kindergarten they have there for the hybrid kids? Was any of that real? What parts of it were real and were some parts of it a dream?

If I can go there in my sleep when I am asleep here, and it is in another world different from ours, in a parallel reality, even though I have seen real UFOs in this our reality, my question always is, am I still there?

Josh? Was I abducted by aliens? - me
We don't want you to be afraid. But yes, you were not. - a white alien
We don't want you to be very uncomfortable. - a white alien
Like, about, when we go into your nose! - someone or a Dinosaur about when Dinosaur does that with the tubing

Do I want to pry into this? Do I want to remember? And why does this dream mix into my awake reality? Why are there alien beings talking to me about hybrids when I am awake, or is that also just a dream? I do know this: I do know that the alien phenomenon at large is real.

I do not know how uncomfortable the things would be that I would see and get to remember, but I think it is good that I get some more answers. Also when I woke up the aliens said to me that "at least you did not see the dining facilities" where the hybrids eat, and then they showed me a mental image of a dining area where the kids sit down by long tables to eat.

Also when I woke up and I was back here I heard a hybrid girl who told me telepathically that Hamish eats their toys. I said surely Hamish does not eat the toys? But most likely it is that Hamish tells them that he will eat the toys, and then he takes the toys away from them, because I do know that Hamish shows the hybrid children power by taking their toys away from them. And when I asked Hamish if he is eating their toys he told me that he takes the toys away to show that he is dominant. Which I think is really cute. Because Hamish also likes to claim things in my home as his, but then I always just give those things to him and tell him that they are his. So we both think that it is fun, in our own way.

But if I do go on this journey of figuring out more about this strange alien world that they have over there, my hope is that I get to be face to face with my dragon, the best friend I have ever known. I am very fond of Hamish and it would be wonderful to one day meet each other over there, in that place. I have to admit, I am not too keen on meeting the Reticulans or the hybrids, but I might meet Hamish there.

You have no idea, what goes on out here. And we are not going to tell you. They take these little kids, and strangle them. - Josh

And earlier the Reticulans, when I woke up back here again, told me that some of the kids they don't need to keep in that group at the kindergarten anymore, it was something to do with if their DNA was not the right one, and those go to another place where I think it was said that Reptilians get to kill them. Also the Reticulan explained to me that they are studying DNA, they are taking a different gene expression at a time and combining with different ones and they need to see that in an actual living hybrid to know what it does. So if they want to know what makes eyes a certain shape or size they try those genes but then they try different gene combinations to see how different genes work together for one genetic expression.

It was for me a flower. - Reticulan or Hamish about me (NL), I saw Reticulan so I think Reticulan said but I also saw Hamish