Energy Rape by the Zetas

It started out as interesting and wonderful I was happy about the fact that the aliens were letting me see the abduction room and there were Zetas there, one who had a stuffed animal toy it showed me to cheer me up, they were talking about DNA as usual, a hybrid girl that I decided to tolerate, a Dinosaur was there, Hamish, one or two human associates one of whom was General Warwick. I even took the time to draw this picture of me and the aliens that were in the room, and the notes I took of what the human men told me were written in a writing style that looks neat and tidy, optimistic and as if I was just curious to see more. I was happy because finally the aliens were friendly enough to invite me into their home, the home to which they usually steal me and do not let me remember, so it was supposed to be a happy and fun encounter, but the Zetas, hybrid, and Dark Lord would rape me and it was one of the worst days of my life. This is not fun to read but this is not entertainment it is a documentary. Read it like a horror story and tell yourself it isn't real if that helps.



July 31 2017-August 01 2017

2:45 AM. The alien encounter experience is ongoing as I write this.

It started with that I saw a Zeta Reticulan in a mental image. The Zeta was standing in a blue and black other place, it was holding a blue vial with both hands that had something to do with DNA. Then a second Zeta was holding a stuffed beige animal in its left hand up for me to see.

Then a Dinosaur and the Dinosaur was worried that I would bite or fight it I said I am friendly.

The Zetas said they had locked the door and Hamish was outside. I said Tok Tok Hamish I wanted him in there with me. Hamish came in and put his hand down on my chest.

Hamish was cute I read his thoughts he thought about how he gets Toast after this all is done. I started to cry and weep because of my love for Hamish.

One military guy was there he said "My name's Wrigley". Then later "Do you remember General Warwick?", I said "General Warwick? Of course I remember!" so Warwick was there.

A little hybrid girl was at the foot end she looked like me somehow I recognized that I was her mother.

I was in my bed the whole time. At one point the Dinosaur said Deb Deb.

They did talk early on about wanting to extract my feces I said are you studying my food they said no they are collecting something from it which it seemed that they have fed to me before.

Reticulans did that energy rape thing but tried to connect the most horrible disgusting person in my life to that and I objected I said do that with General Warwick instead because Warwick is there to help me. It is extremely cruel and violating rape what they do. They said it was about hunnun.

The rape was horrible I looked a Zeta into its eyes though I am here they are there, I asked it "Why?", "Why?", it or someone there said:

It is not about the hunnun, it is about starseeding another race.

At least after a few minutes the rape stopped so I feel safe now again. I am however no longer so eager about meeting with the aliens. I know that Hamish is there and the Dinosaurs and many of my friends, but I am reminded again that the Zetas rape. When I asked the Zeta why he said that the Dark Lord wants it, I forget what words he used or if he called it the Dark Lord but it was what the Dark Lord wanted, not sure if for getting me pregnant or what or if the Dark Lord needed the sexual energy from the rape incident.

I thought this was going to be a fun page to write but this is disgusting. Zetas are satan and the devil, this is not the first time that I have said that about them. They are absolute shit and satan and avoid them at all costs possible. Tell them to go to hell and to take their disgusting rapist hybrid children to hell with them. Fucking rapists can all go to hell, Zetas are rapists there is nothing fun about meeting with them. They can go to hell.

We don't want to talk to you about your DNA. But that is what we are doing here. - Zeta 2:54 AM
Why do you have to rape me in the process, and by connecting me with the image of the most disgusting man that I hate the very most in this whole world? Why? Please, just pick some other man, any other man, even General Warwick will do! PLEASE PICK GENERAL WARWICK FOR THAT INSTEAD! - me
He doesn't want to be in our gardens. - Zeta about Warwick
NOT THAT MAN!!! - me
The Zetas are not very prominent, like me. I was going to bite them I said. About my Eggs. - Hamish to me
Thank you Hamish. You have taken good care of me. I honored your back Hamish. - me
Yess. - Hamish happy about his back being honored

The Zetas have raped me in the most horrible and brutal way! GENERAL PATTON help me! - me
What's that now? - GP
Our Flower. - one of the aliens probably Hamish, our flower or my flower, in my native language

These energy rapes they do are so violating. I was aware as if my body was already there and they were definitely feeding me with a gas that is sexually stimulating. I thought it was going to be fun to start to remember abductions. Like I could report on wonderful alien encounter stories and of meeting these aliens in real life, but it turned into a nightmare, to something that shouldn't even be written on the internet, I used to put this kind of stuff into the books. I don't think there are many alien abductees out there who are brave or dumb enough to share these stories to other people, because as open as I have been about sharing all sorts and everything, even I find this really difficult to write about and that means that I doubt that any other abductees are writing this stuff.

We are with Manon. What seems to be the matter here. I came to look at you closely. - Manon one of the Dark Lords, he looks me right in my eyes with his white eyes that have a pale gray dot for a pupil
The Zetas raped me, and they chose to connect me energetically with the most disgusting man in the world, they could have at least chosen some random man any other man but that piece of shit. WHY? I wanted to kill myself. Do you want me to kill myself? - me

I made a drawing and I am probably going to not post this page and to take it down. Zetas are satan and they can go to hell because they are from hell.

I'm completely broken after this rape by the Zetas. I feel completely shattered and violated. It would be wisest not to pursue any more close encounter contact with Zeta Reticulan teams. It is extremely hurtful what they do. Perhaps done on purpose because the Dark Lords are satanists and sadistic. I have been injured this way before many times by the Zetas but I guess I forgot what rapes they do. I have to call my ex boyfriend and cry and ask for his support, because I need someone to be there for me, someone who cares.


The following morning, August 01 2017, 8:52 AM. I really do not want to publish this page. Perhaps that is an expression of the fact that I would rather just want to forget the incident. Perhaps if I do not publish this page then it never happened. I do not want this experience to be a part of my documentary on alien contact. I cannot imagine that any other abductee (contact person) writes about this stuff. To sit down and think about the event that happened and to calmly find the words and to write down those words, completely contradicts with the nature of the experience itself. It is impossible to write about, deeply painful, and for some reason embarrassing.

I have wanted to have conscious alien encounters for many years now, since I know from their talk and other interaction with me that they do take me with their "ambulance" (UFO) to their "hospital". Over the years I have gotten to know them fairly well and longed to meet them in person, and been curious to get to see what actually happens over there. They have warned me that when I go there I would get dizzy and vomit, but that never sounded like a reason enough to keep me away, I would go through dizziness and vomiting just to have that alien encounter afterwards. I think a lot of people would.

The main three medical procedures they talk about is using my eggs to make hybrids, collecting fecal samples, and inserting the thin tubing down my nose to access my stomach and probably intestines also. I have worked in the medical field and almost went to medical school and I do have a background in science, also I can consider myself brave and unembarrassed as a person, so I would be interested in seeing that happen. To get to see the aliens and to see how they work. I am interested in the aliens as new and different biological species, their bodies and behavior and culture

We don't like to do with ethics. - Reticulan, August 01 2017, 9:17 AM

I am curious about their design of medical instruments, the medical procedures, their scientific knowledge and research, how do they design a scientific procedure around their goal or scientific hypothesis, how do they collect the data and then analyze that data and what do they learn.

But more so than think of them as biological animals of different species, I think of them as people, and I like to get to know them on a personal level, to know them by name and personality, to get acquainted with the many different individuals and to get to know the emotions and life story of each.

I was going to go through a lot. When the aliens first returned into my life in 2011 and introduced me to the fact that I had been their egg donor already for many years, and they let me meet some of the hybrid children, I was positive and interested in learning more about the aliens, I started this documentary The Orion Project, but it quickly turned into a nightmare because the Reticulans wanted me to be sexually involved with my own hybrid children. I put up such a protest that they stopped letting me see the hybrids.

My protest had been so intense that the Reticulans seemed fearful or at least reluctant to let me in on their work as much as they had before. They did not want me to meet the hybrid children anymore, and would not consider letting me be awake when they bring me there. Even the Reticulans kept themselves at more distance from me than they had at first.

Sometimes when closer contact seemed to be introduced as a possibility, I would remind myself of the sexual violations involving hybrids and decide that I was not able to try to be awake for abductions, I could not handle going through that again, and I would not try to get a closer encounter. Over the years, sometimes long enough time had gone by and I would have forgotten the torment that they put me through and sometimes I would have perhaps even forgotten that I had been tormented at all, but I would quickly be reminded of it again because it happens again. The Zeta Reticulans want me to be sexually involved with my hybrid children, and it is extremely violating and tormenting, so I would change my mind about interacting with my Zetas because it is just not possible to go through that.

Over time I forget how horrible it feels to be energy raped by aliens, and my curiosity of meeting them grows stronger, and I begin to ask them to let me stay awake for abductions. I do not know how they do it, but they are in their room and I am in my room, it is as if my body or another version or copy of my body were already there, or that they somehow gradually transfer me over there. The aliens are already as it is in another dimension, they call it another "overtune" or "overtone" I forget which it was, the atoms oscillate at a different frequency and that is how they are in another world, they have explained to me. Sometimes I begin to gradually start to see with my eyes over there instead of here, to gradually feel my body there on their table and less here in my bed, and I imagine that they could somehow allow and enable me to have my full conscious awareness and experience of where I am to be fully transferred to where they are.

Last night I got to see myself partly there in their place. Some of the contact was their transfer of mental images of themselves to my mind, but some of it was that I could see that room from a vantage point as if I were already on the table there and I could see my feet in front of me on that table as if my body or at least another version of my body were already there, even though the majority of my experience of where I am and what I see was still in my room here.

I want to place a reminder here that the aliens are real. I find myself telling myself today, with this report on this page, time and time again that I am insane. I am telling myself that if anyone else reads this, they will feel pity for me and conclude that I am mentally insane. Schizophrenia, delusions, hallucinations. My mind goes through a list of a lot of the people I have known, I see in my mind each of these knowing about what I wrote here and looking at me and believing that I am insane, leaving me in a place where not only is the validity of my experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, conversations I have had with the aliens, the pain and injury, unreliable, leaving me in a place where I feel expected by all those people to not be entitled to any other part of my human experience either. As if the ground I stand on, the emotions and feelings I have, if I were to fall in love with someone, cry about a sad movie, enjoy the taste of a good meal, feel happiness, go to places, think thoughts, be myself, as if all of that is invalid and questionable and it now all has melted into a cloud, as if the nature of my alien experiences, because they are alien experiences, steals from me not only my alien experiences but my human experiences as well, because all those people who would know what I wrote here and what I experienced would look at me and believe that I am insane, and hence since my alien experiences were not real, then so are also not my human experiences either. The thought of people thinking that my alien experiences are the result of mental insanity robs me of my right of a human life as well. And I become my worst perpetrator, because I am the only one telling myself this.

I find myself, with this page, telling myself that I am insane. I do wonder if it is perhaps for self defense, maybe it is my way of telling myself, "It could not possibly have happened", becomes, "It did not happen", and if it did not happen, then I would not have to have felt that way, it could go away somehow. Do ordinary rape victims also tell themselves that it didn't happen? I do know that when others tell a rape victim either that it did not happen or that it was their own fault then it does more damage probably than even the rape itself. To tell someone that a traumatic event that happened to them did not take place when it did take place is extremely damaging. Yet I am trying to do that to myself, in spite of the damage that it could do to trade a painful experience with just being crazy and having imagined it all, because maybe that would be just a bit less painful then the actual events themselves.

It feels sad and painful to be going over in my mind that I am crazy and that other people would think that I am crazy because of what I experienced happen to me, but maybe I am trying to retreat to that place because then none of it would have happened.

To those who feel that their own lives and framework of reality are shattered from someone telling them about alien experiences, unfortunately each battle with reality on their own. I have had aliens enter into my life and I have dealt with that. And if others who have themselves never experienced aliens, are struggling with when someone else is claiming that aliens exist, then that is their battle that they will need to deal with on their own. But calling each other or oneself crazy is not how to deal with anything. The aliens I have are real. I wasn't even the first one to experience my aliens. There have been witnesses, physical UFOs and other physical evidence with witnesses, and all of that. It then just becomes a matter of dealing with it. And the fact that most abductees do not talk about their rape experiences is not helping when we have to deal with it.

It started with the mental image of a Zeta. He was in a beautiful spaceship that was made in black and blue color, and I could see outer space through the large windows. The Zeta was holding a blue vial with its both hands and told me it was something with DNA or how he said it. They always seem so proud and optimistic when they talk about the DNA work that they are doing. The aliens also regard me as just a flower in their botanical garden, rather than a mammal animal that feels violated to the core if my reproduction is prayed upon, but sometimes I try to go along with how they see it. Oh it is just like pollinating a flower, a flower does not feel raped or violated. Besides couldn't it be marvellous to help them to produce all of those hybrid children? Think about a room full of children! Happy cheerful kids who are full of life and who will grow up to become someone? The marvel and miracle of life! It could be that way

I am not going to let you think that you are insane. - Hamish 9:55 AM
Because we are going to look at you a lot. And, Yes-No with tubing down your nose!! - Hamish
Hamish I love you. Everything is ok. - me
My Flower. - Hamish in my native language
I won't bite you for what you said! - Hamish about biting into my fingers
I love you Turtle. Everything is fine. - me
My cities, are very advanced here. - Hamish says swaying his head side to side a few times
I was not interested in letting them take a look at your brain. - Hamish

It could be that way. But it isn't.

A second Zeta then showed me that it was holding a beige hairy stuffed animal against the side of its head with its left hand. They show me stuffed animals so that I will not be afraid. I thanked them for the gesture, as always, and I do think that the stuffed animals are cute and it does cheer me up.

They had a Dinosaur in the room, earlier I had been shown the mental image of a frog which always means that a Dinosaur is coming in. The Dinosaurs have to do the medical procedures. They are friendly and intelligent. He would get two big white grubs to eat later as a reward. I said Deb Deb Deb to the Dinosaur, it means something friendly. I said kind things to the Dinosaur as always, I told him that I want to help him with his work. The Dinosaur told me not to bite and was it scream or hit or kick at him, I said I do not do those things, I often feel that Reticulans and Dinosaurs are blaming me for what other humans do, because I cannot imagine myself being responsible for those behaviors during abductions, although I can fully imagine others humans to be.

The Reticulans told me that they had locked the door. Hamish was on the other side. It is funny how Hamish lingers around me when I am abducted, he wants to stay close to me but he becomes a nuisance to the aliens so they insist that he goes out. I said "Tok Tok" to my Hamish on the other side of that door and I told them to let him in. Hamish was allowed into the room. I saw in the image I had of my body already lying there, that Hamish stood to my left side and he put one hand down on my chest. I could see two of his three fingers, the third one must have been under the other two. That red hand of a dragon pressed gently but firmly enough down on my chest, just held there for what seemed like a minute or more. My Tortoise, so close to me. To be fair, that gesture could have meant that he is being dominating, but of course I took it to mean kindness and like holding hands, his support and loving presence. At least, I am able to take all of what Hamish is, a Draconian as he is, and it is always a deeply meaningful experience for me.

Reticulans wanted Hamish to have a white ball to distract his attention with, but he was not doing that. Hamish stood to my left, no longer with his hand on me, and I looked over to him, my beautiful red dragon with the head buttons and back hump. He is a someone, he is a person, there is so much cultural meaning to his head buttons and his back, so much of an individual there, he is a rich world of an experience of self, in this world, he is someone. I looked at him, and I was reading his thoughts. He thought about Toast, he knew that the Reticulans would give him a Toast (Toast is his word for food) after these procedures would be over, he felt a bit longing for that Toast but he knew that he would have to wait, he had been told to wait. He had other typical Hamish thoughts too. And I broke down to cry and weep. I cried because I love him so much.

By now the aliens had already had one man there in the room to my right side, I do not know who he was but he said, and I wrote down: "My name's Wrigley." By the time that I was crying about Hamish, a second man had come in to the room too, I had heard and written down here, "Do you remember General Warwick?", and I had said, and wrote down: "General Warwick! Of course I remember!" I have known of the name General Warwick for about 20 years, he is one of my military guys though I do not know him well, we have never had a proper conversation with each other, but it seemed, that he was there, I could not see him clearly.

I worried about General Warwick seeing me crying and I felt silly to be crying when the Reticulans would see me, but the love I feel for Hamish is just too great to fit into my human body and heart. I am so close to him.

A little hybrid girl with white pale gray skin, large eyes that seemed more green than all black, some type of light blue clothes, and yellow long hair, came into the room. She stood at the foot end of where I saw that I was, or where I was seeing the room from. I instantly recognized that she is my child. It was as if she was a clone copy of me made by just my egg, and with added Zeta genetic material into it. I tried to imagine that she should be just as much of a human man parent as she is of me but she just felt like me, me with Zeta material. The most profound feeling of meeting a daughter, a feeling that is meant to grow over time, from the moment of conception and throughout pregnancy, a woman has time to think about what it means, then to hold her baby and to watch the child grow up, every day slowly, as each minute and second tick by, it slowly sinks in and grows that feeling inside of her of having a child that is made of the same as her, but they let me meet these children suddenly, when they are already older, and therefore it hurts, because I did not get to hold them when they were babies, I was not given time with these babies sleeping in my arms in the silence, with seconds and minutes and hours ticking by, and so it feels like a punch in the stomach, it hurts me to see the children when they are already grown up, because I have been made to miss out on it, like going in to a party that is already over and all the food has been eaten up and everything that was fun like decorations and balloons are all just made into trash now, so what's the fun of that, even though it's supposed to still be a party. I just feel bad, I try to feel happy, but it is difficult when I see the hybrid children. I try to walk in to that party and be like hey cool awesome we are having a party, but meanwhile I am just sad that I missed the whole thing, and because I know that I was kept out of the party on purpose when I could have and should have been there. So it is like being forced to be happy when I am not, or feeling happy when I can't be feeling happy.

Do you feel any resentment toward us? - Reticulan 10:16 AM
I hate you yes. - me, Hamish heard me say this and he repeats it in himself and he goes through his own emotions of what saying that would feel like to him, so I have to stop with the negativity because it is affecting my dragon, like when two parents fight in front of their 2-year old, they realize that they have to shield their precious child from having to see and feel those things
Hamish it's ok. - me
Tik Tok. - Hamish in a cheerful mood, as long as Hamish is ok, my world and everything in it is fine
Tik Tok, Yes-No. - Hamish with image to me of me getting to hold my baby hybrid in my arms, he means either that no I cannot get to do that, or no that I did not get to do that
We are not all with the adults, she said. So, Tik Tok! Grrr. - Hamish, adults versus children he means Reticulans and hybrids

The Reticulans did the energy rape of me. There is a person who I completely hate. Reticulans used his image to overlap our two bodies while causing for me the experience of intense sexual feelings which are more intense than what I ever normally have regarding sexual feelings. And to do that with the image of a person I am completely and utterly disgusted by, is the worst form of cruelty I can imagine. They even make it feel as if that person is touching my lips on my mouth, it feels as if our two bodies are electrically sexually sparked together, a feeling of overlap in intense sexual feelings and body. It is the most disgusting form of rape I can imagine. A merely physical rape might be more bearable. And I know that Reticulans try to cause other men to feel these feelings toward me too. I have had Reticulans choose random people on a bus and do this between us. I told them to choose any other random man, that there are billions of men on this planet choose someone else, anyone else. I told them to do this between me and General Warwick, since I figured that if General Warwick is a real human General then he could be chivalrous and defend me by being the one they do this to.

The utter and complete feeling of disgust, I was close to vomiting for many hours afterwards. I now know why rape victims vomit. It is because the whole body is violated and ruined and made disgusting at the deepest core. I also would have committed suicide right then if it weren't that I have to live to stay with Hamish. The aliens had earlier said, both Hamish and Reticulans, that they will stay with me until I am 80 years old, I had asked them do I still have fertile eggs at that age but that did not seem to be an issue, either my eggs are still usable or that anyways I will still have them in my life.

The aliens were giving me a gas to my nose which was a sexual stimulant drug. At other times they give the white powder drug silver that they rub under my nose or put on the hybrid children.

I do not want to describe the energy rape I have described it elsewhere before. And most of these stories are only for the telepathy books, it is out of my character to post this page here. All I know is that I cannot and will not abandon Hamish. I base my whole entire world around that fact.

I screamed in the telepathic for General Patton to help me. I told him that the Zetas had raped me and that I needed him to help me. No answer from General Patton. I turned to the military doctor and told him that he is a doctor he must give me advice what to do, I told him what had happened. No answer from the military doctor. I turned to Assistant Carlisle who is a psychologist, I told him what had happened and asked him to help me. No answer from Assistant Carlisle. I turned to Pleiadians who always linger around intending to help me, I told them what had happened and asked them for help. No answer from Pleiadians (so Pleiadians can seriously go to hell by now).

I do not know for how long the energy rape lasted, perhaps from 5 minutes to 15 minutes but I really cannot say. It was then suddenly completely over and gone. I thought about calling an ex-boyfriend to tell him what had happened and to get some support, but I did not call him because he never could understand my alien things, I even went out with him once to look at UFOs and there were lots of UFOs but he didn't want to see them he was just talking with some friend on the phone, one of the reasons I would never be with him again. I turned mostly to General Patton, he could have been my strength, but he also wasn't there. I thought I would have wanted to go to a hospital or talk to a doctor about how I can deal with having been raped but I would not put myself through being told that it never even happened because it was aliens and it was energy rape. Eventually I fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I felt dead.

General Patton was around in the morning. And someone told me that "these two are Marines, and they are tough as nails" but that they cannot handle seeing me cry. Two Marines? General Patton has said he was Marines, I have also seen him thinking lots of times to that time when he was in what looks either like Marines uniform or one of the medic corps uniforms I forget which one it was that looks almost the same. Then we have that the first time when I saw the military Fort doctor in a remote viewed image, I thought I saw the red and yellow v-shaped markings on the shoulders of his uniform, which would mean that he was also a Marines officer. Marines are tough as nails, that person said. Is that why they are dealing with the aliens and with what the aliens do? Is that why all of the military personnel that I encounter are higher ranking officers? Of course the alien presence is classified so only higher ranking persons would get to know about it, but on the other hand, they do work with non-military persons such as Assistant Carlisle who has been a psychologist for the Navy specializing in traumas.

General Patton was aware of the problem in the morning when I woke up. I have a feeling that he was aware of it as soon as I had called for him to help me, and that somehow he went into a mode of being on the case but in a different way which for some reason included that he does not talk to me. I do not think that I was being ignored. In the morning Patton told me that once he almost drowned and that his fellow recruits had to resuscitate him, his memory image was of him and other guys in the rough water they were all around a large circular or many-sided raft that had ropes along the sides and Patton almost drowned there. I told him that what he went through that time, and in Vietnam, was worse. I do not remember anymore but I think he was inviting me to tell him what had happened, and I said I could not talk about the details.

Someone asked me either when I went to bed at night or in the morning when I woke up whether this meant that I would not want to see men or sleep with men anymore and if this kind of thing meaning rape makes me be a lesbian, it seemed genuinely concerned about me, I said no this makes me need to be with a man more than before, because for me to be with a woman is unnatural for me and the rape that the aliens did was unnatural to me so I am turning away more from unnatural things of that nature I said. It was not a man who raped me, this kind of alien rape does not make me turn away from men or fear men. Rather it would make me crave to be in the arms of a man even more because that must be the safest place in the whole world. Because General Patton became very cautious around me, he was aware of himself being a man I could read his thoughts and emotions, he worried that for a man to approach a woman who has been raped could be harmful from the slightest approach. But I imagine that crawling into the arms of an old Vietnam veteran three star Marines General after what happened to me would have been the safest place in the whole world to fall asleep there, maybe that was why the first person I turned to was General Patton.

Someone saying that there were two Marines and that they are "tough as nails" makes it seem like these military people do exist, that they are not tricks of the mind, or aliens posing as military for any reason. And Patton yesterday telling me that he is into sailing, Texas Hold 'Em poker, and expensive steaks, also made him seem like a real man. And all of the Vietnam memories and memories from his family life and from the 1950's is just too much for anyone else to fake. Is he a real person, out there somewhere? He has to be, it is too elaborate to be a hoax.

As for the Pleiadians, they are just here to hate on Hamish. They pretend that they are here to protect me but all they do is hate on Hamish and they defend the hybrid children who are the worst rapists of them all. Hamish is my greatest comfort and safety. When Hamish laid his hand down on my chest over in that other alien place last night, I looked at him and my whole body relaxed, my heart and my breathing relaxes, it is just the most snug place in the world to be in, to be with my Hamish. And when I would have needed someone the most, Pleiadians were ignoring me. It is just me and Hamish in this world. "Tok Tok", he says now. "Tok, Tok. Yes-No, Pleiadians, you have said to me. Yes-No they have tried to take my eggs.", Hamish says. "They have tried to take my Hamish from me", I say to Hamish.

Ok so the rest was either last night after the rape was over, or this morning when I woke up. A Mantid showed up to check on my vital signs, and I saw the Mantid's face closer than I ever have before. I take it to mean that they were concerned for my health and well-being.

I also got a wonderful encounter with a White Dragon. The white ones with wings and glowing round red eyes. I was not at all afraid when it showed up, it was not physically here but it was in my room in another dimension. And, as always, they are really neat and funny, they have this playfulness about them that is a bit like a puppy, a bit like a clown. And since I doubt that this guy was the Florida Gargoyle, or the Guatemalan Non-Bat, it must be the third individual White Dragon that I have met. he said that since there was no stool here for him to sit on, that he was just going to lean on me! And he leaned his left arm right across my belly and then used that hand to support his head in, and looking at me. Or that this was in the other place where they have my body somehow, that he was there too. I do not recall the conversations we had, but I had the impression that White Dragon was friendly and supportive and also here to check if I was ok.

Then a dark insectoid-shaped or reptoid-shaped Reptilian from a dark Reptilian base let me see it looking at me. I think this was the Governor from the Reptilian base I found when remote viewing Patton in the meeting room (is in one of the audio's the long 3 hour long one), because this Reptilian said like that I had been kind and accepting of them the Reptilians so he was also here to do what seemed to me to be that he was checking to see if I was ok, maybe he too had heard my screams for help and complaints. But the encounter with this Reptilian was only brief.

Zetas told me after the rape last night that it had been the Dark Lord who had wanted this to happen. Also today a Dark Lord snuck up real close to me and started to try to use the image of that disgusting guy to try to cause those same feelings, it really is sadistic and satanic and will drive any person to suicide, I told the Dark Lord to go away and good thing that he did so he stopped doing that. It does not change the fact that Zetas are responsible and the hybrid children who are involved like that girl yesterday they should all be murdered. I have no sympathy for hybrid children being murdered over there, they are rapists and I would kill them myself. I would rip that hybrid girl's body to shreads with my bare hands. Well I probably wouldn't, but if it were a moment of being raped at that time I would kill them to make them stop.

Patton has not talked to me in length after the incident other than the brief exchange we had in the morning where he was mostly just aware of the situation even though he misunderstood most of it because he thought that he had to be cautious around me and that I would be harmed from being near a man which isn't true, I would have needed nothing more at that time than to be in the arms of a man and safe. Pleiadians have said nothing, they are racists, they hate on Hamish who is the love of my life and who protects me, and they want me to protect the hybrid children who are the worst rapists in the world. Pleiadians also defend humans who throw live chickens into a meat grinder and hang cows upside down and cut open their blood and guts to pour over the floor and who keep chickens and cows in small cages where they can't even turn around and just have to stand in their own feces and eat pellets made of ground up chickens and cows that died from diseases. I have NEVER seen the kind of cruelty from Reptilians done to other creatures as what I know that humans are guilty of every day. Pleiadians are only defending humans because there is a genetic relation since they seeded the red haired and blonde human race. It is pure racism and there is no true love or compassion in there.

I am closer to Reptilians than I am to humans. "Tik Tok no.", Hamish says and I am proud of him for saying the word no perhaps for the first time.

I wanted to remove this page several times before I published it, but it is just part of the whole mess of a story so I leave it up. By now it is close to 7 PM and I am fine again. Somehow I always recover. But I have to never forget that Zetas and hybrids are sadistic torturous rapists. I will never seek out contact with them again. But I stay with them, they won't do me any harm that I can remember. The only one thing that means the most to me in this whole world is that I have got Hamish and that I am doing all what I can to take care of him.

I could have gone into more detail on what the rape is actually like, but I have described the energy raped elsewhere several times before, most of this topic will be only in the telepathy books. This page has been extremely difficult to write so the fact that I did is some sort of accomplishment. It really is just another one of alien encounter stories. I also did not describe the full extent of how horrible I felt, the nuances of feeling like I have to vomit and wanting to cut my arms up and wanting to shread my body to pieces or jump out of a window or what it really does to my soul and insides, but now that it is mostly over with because time has passed since it happened I can get back to normal and as if it never happened.

A part of me feels still like a rape victim. Keep in mind this rape does not involve actual physical sex and hardly even reproductive parts. It is an energy rape, it happens mostly in the spine and head, feet and hands more so than anywhere else. And how am I still now like the victim after an alien energy rape, in that I feel empowered and angry and like I won't want to let these creatures close to me again. I am angry, upset, and disappointed with Zetas. Hateful, and not happy. And I feel a bit tense. Furious, and like I am not going to ever forget.

So, how do you other people live out your lives when you see UFOs in the sky and get alien abductions? I have talked to other alien abductees and together we have talked about these experiences where the Zetas bring in the hybrid children who are children of the abductee and force the hybrid children and human abductees to be sexually involved with each other. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE REPORTING ON THIS, but, I might be the only one who is able to put myself through the vast immense pain of writing about it. Who else writes about it? No one. I know two prominent abductees who share ALL KINDS OF alien abduction stories, but where are their hybrid sex stories and sadistic rape stories? Nowhere. Because it is too damn painful to write about. I don't even know how I wrote about it.

Fuck off, Dark Lord. Go to hell and leave me alone. - me
I will crawl, I will go to my hole then. Byebye! - Dark Lord, full of humor as always
Can you still sense my smell, my stink? - DL asks me
And it is coming from out of my belly, my belly is full, hahhah! - DL
I cannot smell you, dude. Just go away now. - me

Then we have the fucking pedophile idiots who write about how wonderful it is to meet with their hybrid children and to have wonderful sexual encounters with their own hybrid kids as if pedophilia and incest with half-human half-creatures is normal, natural, and beautiful, as if it is part of some peace and love flower power New Age spiritual movement that everybody else needs to just "wake up to". Those kinds of creeps are out there too. Those who just embrace the wonderful sexual encounters with their own children. I am not one of those creeps nor am I ever going to be. Those kind of creeps should be put in jail together with other pedophiles where pedophiles get murdered by the other criminals because no one likes pedophiles.

Yes, there are abductees who write about how wonderful it is to get together with their hybrid children when they are being introduced to them. All that fucking "star family peace and love" shit. Some of those incestuous pedophiles perhaps write that they are actually having sexual experiences with their own hybrid kids, but most of them probably keep that as their own secret because they know that a lynch mob would come knocking on their door for saying that. Abductees who say it is beautiful and natural to have sexual encounters with their hybrid children are incestuous pedophiles. They think that people like me should just "embrace" it and not be so blocked about sexuality. Come on. These are kids, and they are one's own kids. What happens in human societies that have cults where people have sex with their own kids, those do not exactly turn into prosperous civilizations, and those kids do not exactly grow up loving life.

To you abductees who "embrace" the sex with your own children (it is wrong because it is incest, it is pedophilia, AND those kids are animals so it is bestiality too), wake up and realize that it is not about some peace and love spiritual happy place that you are being invited to. The only reason it is happening is because the Dark Lords who are satan and who introduced satanism to humanity they are stealing your souls and energy and feeding it through their own bodies in the lust that they feel and then further into their god The Eye.

Abductees who think that their sexual encounters with hybrid kids is beautiful, special, natural and normal, have to remember that you are not just having a two-some with your hybrid kids. You are actually in a three-some with satan. Dark Lords will take the light and energy of your soul, your soul and the soul of your children is being contorted into sexual energy, ripped out of your bodies, eaten by the Dark Lord, and the Dark Lord puts that then to his god The Eye. Well nothing wrong with that, you sick disgusting incestuous bestiality pedophiles might try to think? Well you should know that The Eye is a cesspool where the Dark Lords also take soul energy from ritually sacrificed animals and humans. And so that "beautiful sexual energy" between you and that child is thrown into the pits of blood and torture along with the rest of satanically ritually tortured souls. So do yourself a favor, learn to masturbate on your own or find yourself a human, adult, consenting sexual partner here on Earth, and resist resist resist being part of the Zeta Dark Lord sexual ritualistic abuse.

Pleiadians and human abductees who think that sexual encounters with their own hybrid kids disgust me. No wonder I turn to Reptilians for comfort, love and support.

That was my story. This is not entertainment. It is not edited or polished, I just kept some details of the actual experience of the energy rape and of how I suffered afterwards from being included in there because writing about it would be like stabbing myself with knives, and who does that? UFOs and alien encounters was supposed to be fun and interesting and exciting. I was willing to be their friend. I was willing to put up with lots of things. I had a positive outlook. But they put me through hell and torment and torture. Did anyone else write this stuff yet? Or am I the only one willing to put myself through hell to actually write this stuff in words?

I will not forgive. "Here is my langoustines, here to take a look at you. And I do not want to see your butt, when it bleeds. So, Yes-No, my butt bleeds!", Hamish now. If he is referring to my menstruation that almost never happens, I do not know, I do not always know what he is saying.

Back to life. Loving Reptilians, loving Hamish. Hating Zetas, Zeta hybrids, and Dark Lords. And still wishing that I could crawl into General Patton's safe three star Marines General arms that had survived Vietnam and almost drowning under that raft. I could just fall asleep in General Patton's arms, the safest place in the world.

Let me write that again for those of you abductees who have embraced the "natural spiritual beauty" of being brought by Zeta Reticulans into sexual encounter orgies that involve your own hybrid children: your soul and the soul of other participants in the orgie is being converted into sexual energy, I am sure that you all follow so far. This energy then vanishes from all of you, I am sure that you agree to that because if you think about it you realize that afterwards you feel somehow empty of joy and life and energy, robbed somehow of your very soul. Whether you see the Dark Lord there or not, your souls are being handed over to Dark Lords, who are raping your souls by enjoying the energy in them. Maybe the beautiful sexual encounter between abductee and hybrid children can be something beautiful regardless of there being a Dark Lord there, you say? Then you do not know who the Dark Lords are. Animals and humans are being tortured here on Earth and in other worlds in the variety of organizations belonging to the Agenda. Satanic ritual abuse, the sexual abuse you are going through which some of you think is just wonderful and natural is part of the vast network of Dark Lord satanism and feeding off on the souls of others. And if you still think that nothing is wrong. Imagine a cesspool full of blood and screams from the tortured and murdered and raped victims of satanic abuse, the most horrendous pit of torment. Well the energy from your "beautiful natural spiritual sexual encounters" with hybrid children ends up dumped into that same toilet, your precious soul and the souls of those children, mixed in with all the blood and pain and torture and murder. If you still think that the sexual encounters between abductees and hybrid children should be natural and beautiful, then fuck off and throw yourself wholly into the cesspool of Dark Lord satanic ritual abuse and murder. I'm done with Pleiadians and with human abductees who are buying in on the pedophilia and incestuous rape with hybrids.

7:29 PM. An Airship Person with that pale yellow skin, bulbuous head and pointy chin and wearing one of those awesome uniforms, was here in the other dimension close to me and gently said that he would like to check on me to make sure if I was ok. I told him that Airship People are always welcome, and I told him that the Zetas and hybrids and Dark Lords had energy raped me, and I assured him that Hamish was not responsible for any of it, because that is true Hamish had no part in it. The Airship Person told me that this was Lasarus' fault and that Lasarus should not be allowed to come close to me again. Was one of those Zetas Lasarus? Probably. The one with the blue DNA vial, or the one holding the stuffed teddybear? Probably with the vial, just guessing. Who ever know that Lasarus would. I thought I knew that guy. But just because you know a guy, even if that guy is an alien Zeta, does not mean that the guy does not hide secret satanic sexual sadistic tendencies. The complete lack of understanding and empathy in the Zetas while I am being tortured is by the way what makes it far worse, but that is a whole other chapter and not for here.

7:45 PM. Airship Person tells me that he is trying to talk to the Zeta Remulans but that the Zeta Remulans are becoming very aggressive. I ask Airship Person are they not Zeta Reticulans, or Alpha Reticulans, and to tell me what Zeta Remulans are, but he does not tell me. I tell the Airship Person to be careful and to not be injured and I thank him for defending me.