NATO knows?
August 25 2011

On the night of August 25, 2011, on the 7th day of Orion conversations, the Orion men mention NATO. I was surprised that such a random arbitrary thing would come up. It is the least thing I would expect to come across in an imaginary thought process, if these Orion men were not real. Let's look at what was said, and what NATO actually is.

Orion discusses NATO

Before I do a literature search on "NATO" it is important that I jot down what my prior assertions are of this thing. Otherwise the literature search would introduce me to new knowledge. It is interesting if telepathy has me hear things that I should not or could not have known. Here is what I assume about NATO before doing any search on it:

NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a joint cooperation between several countries across several continents including North America and Europe. In it, they basically agree to not go to war with each other, and perhaps NATO also establishes trading between countries. That is my assumption at this time.

The Conversation - Here is what was said in the telepathic conversation. This is translated from a different language in which it occurred and into English. Some translation error may be unavoidable and difficult to define.

We are also studying with NATO. - Orion
NATO? Why? - me
We study genetics, so that they can study weapons. - Orion
Are you supplying them with weapons, so that you may conduct genetics? That was not good. After all, you may use me for free, without any weapons. - me
Yes, but we are also giving them supplies. - Orion
What kinds of supplies? - me
The kinds that soldiers need. - Orion
Like what? Like what? What are you giving to them? - me
Will you become so well informed of us... - Orion
I want to become well informed of you. - me
We study genetics, so that they can get their weapons. - Orion
Have you made a deal with NATO? - me
Yes, unfortunately that is what happens when you come here. - Orion
What a shame, humans do not need any more weapons. I think this is wrong. - me
You needn't become that well informed, to think so! - Orion
What are you giving to NATO? - me
Nuclear weapons. - Orion
What kinds? Worse than the atomic bomb? - me
Yes, about the same kinds. - Orion
What do they give to you? - me
Your kids. - Orion
Mine too? Do they give you permission to conduct genetic research in exchange that you give them weapons? - me
All we need is to fertilize you. - Orion
You may do so. You have my permission, regardless of what NATO says. This is my body and I have said that you may. You may do as you wish. - me
They also want our means of transportation. - Orion
Do you mean space ships? Do not give them that, or they will take over the world, and space. - me
They are practicing with us. - Orion
Oh, so you have already given them space ships? - me
We know, that you trust us. - Orion
But? Can you be trusted? Or will you do something, unexpected? I will trust you anyways. What do you want to do on Earth? - me
But we do not want to give them any more means of transportation. - Orion
I wouldn't do that either. - me
They want to give you more money. - Orion
That would be nice. NATO wants to do that? - me
Yes, they want to further your education. - Orion
Have you told them about me? To NATO? - me
Yes, and we even tell them all that you have written. - Orion
What do they say then, about that? - me
They want flying saucers. - Orion
What does NATO think about me? Do they know about me? Do they know that you are here with me? Who made contact first. You to NATO or NATO to you? - me
It was us. - Orion
Why did you do that? What did you want to accomplish? - me
We wanted to find out what we may do. And we may not breathe their air! - Orion
Do you have your own air to breathe? - me
And, we may not take Danish humans. - Orion
Why not? - me
Because they are not part of our agreement. - Orion
And, we are not allowed to fly over Iraq. - Orion
Are you allowed to contact humans just like that? Do you get to contact humans on your own, by yourselves? - me
Yes, if we do not fly over Iraq. - Orion
Why not over Iraq? - me
Because our lives are in danger. - Orion
What other countries are dangerous? - me
There are also microscopic organisms. - Orion
Airborne diseases. - me
Tell me more about NATO. Tell me more about NATO. Who are they? - me
They won't catch me with you. - Orion
Where do they live? - me
In various countries. - Orion
Have you met with them? Are they nice to you? - me
If, yes! - Orion
So they are nice to you. - me
Companionship, exists also in outer space. - Orion
What does NATO say to you? What do they want of you? - me
We give them explosive weapons. - Orion

Further work - In checking the material, now I need to find out more about NATO, but also about Iraq. Is it dangerous to fly over Iraq? Would the NATO ever be likely to make agreements with Orion people? Let's say they were contacted by Orion. Would they panic or get all excited and act silly, or would they - especially regarding their expertise in dealing with other nations - seize the opportunity and do what NATO does; form peace treaties as well as, it seems, trading arrangements. And let's say if NATO was contacted by Orion, would they tell the world, or would they keep it to themselves?

I must say, that even I as a humble individual and not an organization, am leaning heavily toward keeping this contact just to myself. I have nothing to gain but some to lose by posting this. And the interference from other people who know about this would not be of any help, besides it would also feel like a disturbance to what I consider to be my very special and valued personal relationship with these men from Orion. Knowing what this kind of contact is like, even though from my personal perspective and not from that of an organization, I know for a fact that the more sensible option is to keep this to oneself.

If Orion life is real and it visits here then it is occurring across the world, but people are not talking about it.

Update: The ET reptiles have also revealed that they also regard Japan differently. They are not allowed to disturb the Japanese people. They said something about that if they were to contact Japanese citizens then those people would be distressed by it. But later I received some suggestions that it may be the case of an agreement rather than something done due to compassion, or due to the Japanese people somehow being more sensitive to reptilian ET approach.

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