The Airship Admiral Returns
written on June 8 2015

In April 2012 I was contacted by the most unlikely alien character, who said he was the Admiral of an Airship and one of the humans of the future, that our humanity will evolve into them. There will be nuclear accidents and floods on Earth and humans will have to move to live under ground, and then over time we will evolve into them. He says he is not from outer space, he is one of the future humans.

Today on June 8 2015, more than three years later, this mysterious man reappeared to talk to me. I was having one of the lengthiest conversations with the Zetas from my team to ask them to let me stay conscious during abductions when they come to take my eggs. I found out that my Zetas in fact do want me to stay awake and to get to meet them, but it is the government and military humans who forbid it, because of the many atrocious things that I might see which they wish to spare me from. The government and military are in fact protecting me, they say.

When I talk to my Zetas, we speak telepathically with one another. It is like a wireless conference call across the air and without any devices. I will hear them in my mind, and see mental images of them, I can also feel them at times, and they were at one point trying to give me sexual feelings because, well, you have to read it in the books because it's too ripe for the internet.

After more than two hours of talking to my Zetas, I see the mental image of an alien person who looks very similar to the Zetas, only his face is very beautiful and similar to European humans. He has a large tear-shaped head with a bald bulbuous head and a pointy v-shaped chin. He has no hair on his head, the eyes are small and not all black this time. The nose is long and very narrow, and there is a mouth. His skin is light yellow, not white, and not gray.

He wears a blue-gray uniform. I instantly feel from him that he is benevolent, warm and friendly, which is confirmed quickly from what he speaks to me. He is not part of the Alien Agenda who steal eggs and do atrocities. I had been asking my Zetas for close contact for so long that this light yellow man had come to invite me for a ride with them in their craft instead, to which I declined because I don't want to be any trouble.

When I noticed the beige-yellow ropes fitted along his uniform as a decorative detail, and the helmet with visor that he held in his hands leaning against his left hip, I recognized him as the Airship Admiral!

Whether this was the same individual as last time, this time he was referred to as Captain, and I also got to speak with the Engineer who works with him in the same craft. They are time travellers, and the Airship Captain told me about what time is and how time travel works.

Last time when he was here, I was left quite doubtful of this character. For one, he predicted last time a great flood on Earth which never happened on that date. And second, claiming himself to be a time traveler was a bit too much. So I had dismissed the importance of this alien character because he had been more of some kind of cartoon or sci-fi novel character hadn't he. But this time, not only the fact of his return, but the way that he explained things, left me feeling convinced that I have met somebody who might in fact be one of the future humans here to change the course of history.

There will be 22 Word document pages worth of conversations with the Zetas and the Airship Captain and Airship Engineer from today in a future telepathy book.