August 25 2017 I remote viewed into the alien abductions that I cannot remember. Here is what I found, it was recorded in the video below and you can also read a summary below the video.

08:05 minutes in I talk about Orion base and is that an Orion growl speech captured on the audio? Mention that I've done hours and hours of audio with me and the guy and never heard anything like this on it.

06:55 might be another one, unless the guy breathing. Sounds like traffic from his place. Remote viewing into the alien abductions I cannot remember.

0:00 Japanese man grabs my foot and tickles under my foot he wants to know if I am conscious. I am lying there my eyes are closed. Tiny room that smells like old clothes. Dark room has a lot of moisture that I think comes body perspiration from the aliens with a weird smell and the moisture lingers in the walls and in the air. A tiny black room.

02:58 Someone is holding an alien baby in its hands and it is held down on my belly to show me. The baby is a fetus is not fully developed it has a big head. They tell me who the father is, it is a human man. They will bury this baby in the forest under the soil under the ground or maybe there is a base there under the ground in the forest. They tell me what they feed the baby with what kind of food. They talk about their machines. They have machines that travel, maybe time travel, how they can take someone and it will seem as if no time has passed. The machine consists of three round dark grey wheels which are placed like a triangular formation next to each other, these create something maybe magnetic I don't know. This machine creates a time distortion, they say.

05:16 Remembering Hamish standing to my right, saying "I am dominant" "I am the dominant race" "You must see me" "I need to feed". His skin looks moist with a perspiration on his skin almost sticky looking. "I am the dominant race, you need to see who we feed here, I am going to show you how we feed, I am going to take ovum from you, then we will show you how we are the most advanced race".

07:15 Taken to an Orion city in outer space. (growl) I see the spaceships coming in and docking. Is an Orion settlement. I am younger maybe 19. There because they needed to assign us women, I am being assigned, they need to register me, like being given a barcode, I am given a sort of registration sort of thing on my belly or in my belly. So that I am listed. The Orions are black with tiny scales across their skin they are without clothes. Looks like black volcanic crumbly rock brittle rock not smooth, like black volcanic rock that just sprinkled down on the ground. It is dark there and very quiet completely quiet in the sky and on the planet no birds no wind no airplanes or cars or people talking, complete beautiful silence. Registered because they are going to make sons out of me. I was not conscious while I was there.

11:00 I go through a tunnel when I get abducted, like a hollow tube lying horisontally placed through the wall or ceiling where I live or where Im sleeping and i go through that tunnel. The tunnel has like glass walls, is like a glass wall on the tunnel. Something is shaking a lot, for some reason my body is shaking violently once I reach to the other side of that tunnel my body is shaking violently theres a huge rumble. Once I got there to the other side I puked once I was on that table. Alien is there calming me down. It says i will be the mother of their new species. I was also having a nosebleed there. I shook violently in the tunnel like being in a machine that is rumbling like being in a rocket ship. I am then calm and happy and peaceful bc they put me to sleep and I have the best feeling...

Little boy with a very big head beige skin color wears clothing big blue eyes. Boy shows me his genitals looks like human ones he was told to show that to me I am his mom. He has that from my DNA. Alien hsa also beige skin, looks for little crystals implanted across the left side of my body with even spacing. The crystals have natural sides on them like a quartz crystal, from under my chest down towards my hip several crystals. Aliens can activate them to see where theyre located. the aliens use them for something need for something in my body...

Dark Lord comes in. He is the leader of this group. He smells funny like onions and garlic like dirty old socks. He shows me a black space in outer space where hes come from is a deep portal to a black place and there theres a lot of dead bodies there bc they bring them there to kill. Like a black hole but is a traveling mechanism that goes to their home. He wanted to show me that thats why he came in. The alien has the boy place his genitalia against mine but he is not having sex with me. Thuban whale slumped in the corner it was told to go there Hamish was threatening to hit it if it doesn't go there. Hamish is showing power and dominance that way. I get another nosebleed from my right nostril this time. Hamish is looking at the blood pouring down...

They are filling my lungs with water so that my lungs stay big and do not deflate. A metal rod is inserted into my vagina, and another small metal rod into a blood vessel on my left wrist, it seems to change the magnetization of my blood, DL takes me to a kitchen, blood is dripped out of my wrist under the small metal rod and into a dish and the DL eats this blood, just a small amount of blood though. A thuban comes I am shown some clothes I have to put on, I am shown a young adult already tall white hybrid daughter large eyes not a really big head skin is dark grey blue color she is wearing clothes so I had to wear clothes too. The hybrid woman tells me she had been worried about the second nosebleed that I had there (the one after my arrival). Hand puts his hands down on me and leans over my body and leans his chin on my chest to look at my nosebleed. Three very short little aliens with blue suits clothes, short with big lightbulb shaped heads, a Reptilian pushes them into the room they are the cleaning staff to clean the vomit and stuff...

They turn my body onto my left side and put a probe into my behind to take a fecal sample. The aliens says to the others "look she ate grasses". "We cannot give this food to your little ones" says the Zeta type creature. Little ones are tiny hybrid embryos growing in a water, the food I am eating is not compatible with the bodies of these little hybrids. I am awake there and on my left side I am crying and shivering they want me to relax, I am not happy about any of it. Dark Lord or human man I thought maybe General Patton, puts a type of gun on the right side temple of my head a gun with a large opening, when fired it shoots (like the guns to kill cows and cattle) it creates like a pressure wave which does something to my brain bc I was upset and crying and shivering so they put this against my temple to have some effect on my feelings or on my consciousness or on my behavior. A green mantid is there, the mantid tells me "We are royal beings. That's why we came here to look at you you are our subjects." Mantid had come to see my fecal sample. Ie. now I know why I am called diamonds said a Reticulan to me, refers to the diamonds in my body I learned first when I first met Olav. Is the crystals or diamonds in the body. "Just now" a reticulan type alien told me... so was not an rv was in real time...? ...

My body is rolled from the floor into a tank of water from the edge of the pool. My body sinks down. Everything is black and blue there. Now my body is vertical, earlier was always laying down. My feet facing down, my hands in front of me. I feel like a dead body that was dropped into a pool. Big window glass on the bottom half of the depth down, reticulans on other side of glass looking at me. They say they are monitoring my blood. While in pool, oxygen and bubbles in my blood pool makes the gas in my blood go up bc of gravity kind of thing, the gas in blood goes upward instead of being immersed in my blood evenly, its just facing up toward the surface direction. They say they just recently took the feces out of my colon, so this is done to calm me down or to set things back to normal like a reset for my body. The water is so heavy I feel the pressure of the water above me and pressing I feel like im in a heavy thick black space. I sunk all the way to the bottom my feet touched the floor of the pool, the pressure was around me of the water and the weight of the water was surrounding me and hugging me and suddenly the pressure grew in a split second and that was a transportation and I think thats the point when I come back to earth.

39:43 If they ever took me to Japan. A man is looking at me. This is terrible, I stop myself from crying. It's horrible. It's really bad. The man was half human one of the men I am taken to, he is an older man and half dark lord or that his body was possessed by the dark lord. He doesnt really look japanese i think the one ive described before who has the children there.
[Was said to me when I was working on this text from the video: "You were also taken to Okinaki."]

44:20 A different place in japan. I smell fish, they have a lot of fish there food the jap people give to reps in undersea bases in japan i was taken there to see the fish i am with hamish. hamish shows me one of the fish, he holds a fish in his hands to show me "Look, we gotta eat that, but we dont want to, I am not gonna", hamish throws the fish to the floor behind him and scrapes his feet backwards on it. I hide behind a pipe i am in this courtyard harbor place surrounded by the buildings this is where they take the fish to the undersea. i wrap my arms around the pipe. A very short black little reptilian type of thing says come on now, we gotta go come on lets hurry... he is up to my knees in height or even less. A military man is there now in camouflage clothes and has a rifle but his eyes are reptile. "We gotta do this to protect our women" he says. Its a reptile, a reptilian who, its like hes trying to be a human but i can see that it is reptilian eyes but the skin is beige human skin. but its definitely a reptilian trying to look like a military guard. This reptile takes me to an underground base which is a tunnel, we are driving in a little car. pale gray concrete walls, slight angle so as we drive we are actually descending all the time. there are guards dispersed throughout the hallway, they have little guard boots every mile or so with a small room built into the wall and the guard is standing on the outside, these guards are black reptiles with rifle guns against their chest, they are checking who is coming in and out. A black reptile pokes with its fingers against my belly and telling me about the organs that they eat, which they are not going to eat my organs but they are eating them from the humans they are making, he is telling me about the kidneys and the pancreas and all the different organs he is showing them to me in mental images and he puts his claw finger down on my skin to show me where each of them are telling me about the foods the organs. They tell me they gotta eat my kids but they let my kids play first when they are young they hav etoys like toy cars but then they gotta rip them their bellies open and eat them. Thats why im there bc im their mother for these kids. the reptile hisses and growls at me bc he knows they gotta take me kids he knows its a bad thing for me he growls hisses bc he acknowledges he knows is not a nice thing for me kind of like support and acknowledgement we know its a bad thing. A barrel there full of organs, one of those big blue plastic barrels. barrel filled with childsized organs in it. must be a thousand children harvested to make that much organs.

51:53 They show me a triangle a metal triangle shown in front of me. showing to me from different angles, I have to choose if it points up or down i need to decide if im with them or not they want me to say which way it points. "We have had many wars and taken over many kingdoms and we are now as the kings" said a dark lord. "And we have taken over many of their women" he says, "And now we need the blood" says a reptilian behind the dl.

53:15 Olav. if i can see if i remember meeting olav. try to remember olav. olav talks to me about the pleiadians, pleids dont want russians to have bombs, he says pleiads have tried to disarm their weapons so now the russians have to learn to fight with the pleiads. they want me to help them somehow to figure out how the russians can fight against the pleiads who disarm the russian weapons, so they gotta learn how to get into my mind. olav says, he has been assigned with me from gene patton he doesnt want me to be afraid now they gotta learn how to talk to my mind and they want me to stay really calm while they do it, "because we gotta learn how to figure out the pleiadians so that we can carry on out with our business without being unarmed". so olav has definitely been working with me, gen patton gave me to him, and theyre doing things with my mind that i dont remember fully...

Underground base which belongs to the russians and theres a room there that had some bombs. russian text on some papers, olav is reading it, he posts it on the door, it says dont come in here, you need a certain level of authorization to go in there bc its radio active, its a really bad bomb. there are tiny pegs, tiny glass vials which contain a fluid which can be implanted into a body and this fluid will slowly drain into the blood and tissues. and these vials of liquid theyre not completely full of the liquid bc if you turn it up and down you see theres an empty gap its not completely full. the fluid is blue, i think some of them are red pink instead. these vials of fluids were given to them by the pleiadians. you do not drink it, instead you place it into your soft tissue into the belly fat and it slowly seeps into your fat and you get the liquid gradually in steady doses goes into your body. the key there is the steady dosage. that you get a small amount over a long period of time, theres no better way to administer it, cannot keep drinking every few seconds another dosage. pleaids are not very helpful, says olav. theyre not willing to be our friends, they dont even want us to have an army, they want us to disband it. so therefore we gotta learn how to work behind them, behind the backdoor, so that we can do things to them completely unnoticed, and thats why we enlisted the help of general patton, so hes gonna help us figure out a way out", said olav. so theyre using me to try to get to the pleiads. the key is to do something to someone so that that person doesnt know its being done to them, bc the pleiads are very aware of what the russian military is doing, the russians want to be able to do things w/o the person knowing what the person is doing, like if i do smtg and i dont know that i did it then the pleaids cannot know that i did it bc i dont know that i did it, thats what the russians are researching, they want a way to be very stealthy about it about how ppl can do or have intel without knowing that they have intel bc if the person doesnt know then the pleiads dont know. researching this testing these things, bc the pleaids are supervising the russian military, russians need a way to know things and do things and talk wo the pleiads knowing, they wanna know if they can do things where the person doesnt know they are doing it and so the pleiads wouldnt know.

01:00:23 Hamish and me in a dark room he looks at my face really close and he does the lemon face.