The Orion Project Book 3
(Working title:) Over the Threshold
Coming out maybe year 2015 or 2016

-Translation <-- working here now
-Chapter titles
-Write start and end pages
-Book cover

Third part in the series, the story of the Orion Project where alien contact person Eva and egg donor for the Draconian Agenda finally realizes the other part of the Agenda she is in. In the first book, she got introduced to the Aliens working on her and got to know some of them very close, and got to realize herself as part of something where she is used for eggs and sex. In the second part of the book series, too graphic to post online, Eva discovers and experiences more of the sexual atrocities, violence, and shocking truths about the Draconian Agenda. Now in this third part of the book series, she feels that she finally steps over the threshold.

For on one side of the threshold there is only sex, and eggs. She is being used to make hybrid children for the Aliens. The other side of things is vastly different. The baby embryos, the children growing up. She finally steps over that threshold to the other side of the Alien genetic project when the Zeta team contact her one night and show themselves and the children. And that is where this book continues. And it becomes worse than it was before.

The book cover will be a picture of embryos. This book chronicles the story dating from some time in the middle of 2012 until the first half of 2013.

From May 27 2013:
Silence. And please let there be silence. I am being invaded upon, my sexuality, the most intimate part of a woman the closest way to get close to me. All of what I thought it meant to be a sexual woman has been put aside, all of my rules and restrictions, all of the ideas and thoughts that I had placed up for myself, all put aside. As if I am left bare and naked, bare without my restrictions and ideas. Just stripped apart, left bare, and naked. And therefore empty and thoughtless inside. Just bare, and without anything. No thoughts, no restrictions to think of, and with that, I lose a bit of my identity, who I thought I was, what I thought was real, and the woman I thought I could be, that I had built up. Taken away, when somebody else from outer space decides to be sexually intimate with me without asking. Before I could open the door and let them in. There they just were, like trespassing, and I am left just staring at them and wondering who I am from now on. Because now I have to rethink things, I have to rethink myself.