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written March 22 2013

Some fun facts about some of the people featuring on this website


· I am 30 years old and I am a real person exactly as I appear on this website and in the books.

· Hamish is my favorite of the Aliens but I like all of them. Even the Thuban.

· The Draconians once sent me to a Free Mason D/s Master to engage in sadistic lusty acts with me. That is in fact where I met Hamish for the first time. Malik was also there.

· I met Malik long before the Orion man appeared in August 2011. Years before, Malik was a black demon by my bedside who said his name was Betelgeuze. He has since changed his name.

· I do anything for my Dragons. Some of the sacrifices I make, are, I listen to music with headphones on, I can't have tealight candles with my bath, I don't eat onions and try not to eat any sugar, and I don't have a boyfriend.

· Every night I take out Hamish's bathroom snug ruggie on my bedroom floor next to my bed hoping that Hamish will spend the night right next to me on that rug. Sometimes he does.

· I spend more time with Hamish now than with any of my human friends or family. He is great company and my best friend.


· Hamish doesn't like the smell of trash. Yet he smells like rotting cheese and vomit. And Hamish is offended and self-conscious to learn that he has an odor. His Japanese associates complain about his smell and that is why Hamish bathes and washes in the creek.

· Hamish is a Dragon Turtle. He has got a fleshy cushion in the shape of a turtleshell back hump on his upper back just underneath his neck. The back hump growns black thorny spikes that Hamish likes to pluck out so that he does not look too intimidating and powerful. At times when Hamish is angry, such as at the Gargoyle, he says that he will let them grow out.

· Like a real Dragon, Hamish sheds his scales about once a year or so. All his scales turn white and then come off in large sheets or drop one scale at a time. He feels miserable about it and is highly embarrassed and devastated. It is a matter of personal hygiene. He hides his shedded scales underneath a pile of leaves.

· Hamish can be slightly incontinent. Sometimes he pees his sticky yellow latrine in the hallways and floors. Once he wanted to pee on my used sheets piled up on the floor "because they smelled like me".

· Hamish doesn't like music. Any music. Not even the sound for a movie he wants to watch.

· Hamish can't stand the smell of onions.

· Hamish reacts strongly and fiercely to anything of red color. He wants to fight and bite Santa and Spiderman. He thinks they are real.

· Yes-No simply put means No. He is comparing one good thing to another alternative which is bad and is his way of telling that the bad thing is a No and telling me what to do/have instead.

· Hamish has sensitive feet and loves to press his feet against soft bathroom rugs or stomp his feet on them up and down, up and down. "Don't tell them Kissy Feet", Hamish says now. "No, no Kissy Feet", I respond to Dragon.

· Hamish loves the Harry Potter movies immensely. He wants to see Malfoy and Harry "fight with a stick". He also loves that tv show about the Gladiators where contestants take on the real gladiators. And construction shows where they build floors. And a commercial ad about a steam mop.

· Hamish has a Dragon girlfriend who lives in the mountains in Asia. She is the same fire engine red as he only smaller. "They are also Kissy Feet", says Hamish now.

· Hamish's job is to guard my eggs, "hunnun", from other Alien teams who would otherwise steal them.
And tell them, that I am also of a proud race. - Hamish adds
Yes Hamish. - me to Hamish
And I am not a Dragon. - Hamish
What are you then, Hamish? What are you, if not a Dragon? - me
... I am not, "pleased to meet you", tell them that. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. Now they know. Now they know. My Honored. - me


· Dinosaurs get excited when I have a bath and come to watch. Because they love to bathe.

· Dinosaur language consists of two frog chirps at different pitches. The chirps can sound like "Deb Deb!", or "Nub Nub", for instance.

· Dinosaurs eat big white grubs

· Dinosaurs have a great sense of humor. They especially find Hamish to be hilarious.

· Dinosaurs have a strong bitter sharp body odor that smells like forest, the ocean, seaweed, rotting vegetation, swamp, pond plants, you get the idea.

· Hamish puts the Dinosaurs into a cold refrigerator room to pacify them if they refuse to do work.

· Dinosaurs are clubbed to death with a white bat and eaten by the Reptilians.


· Although I call him "the Orion doctor" he is in fact a "genetics expert" and "codon collector".

· He works for the Draconian Agenda because the Draconians do war with the Orions and threaten with genocide if he doesn't.

· He wears the Draconian Agenda power symbol the yellow pyramid upside down on his white uniform as a sign that he has not joined forces. It is put on him as a taunt and the Thubans and Zetas, who have joined, taunt him for that.

· This website was named after the Orion man since he was the first of the Aliens to make contact with me. The goal of The Orion Project was to find out whether the contact with the Orion man was real or imaginary. Real? Or Imaginary will also be the title of our first book coming out in 2013.

· The Orion man does not do energy vampirism or the Reptilian conquest on me.

Malik the Demon Vicious One

· "Malik" is Arabic for King, Prince, Ruler. He also wants me to call him Fürst.

· Malik loves Aleister Crowley and says Crowley was "one of them".

· He influenced a friend of mine to talk about Aleister Crowley and Thelema for many hours and to bring me four Aleister Crowley books. Malik said that I was meant to have them, "so sit down and read!" He also told me to take "Mescaline" when I read those texts but I didn't.

· Malik fears the smell of onions and garlic

· Malik wanted to teach me pentagrams and withcraft. He calls me his "witch". (I'm not into that.)

· Malik is a demonic Incubus and ruler over the Draconian Reptilians

· The Eye symbol of the Draconians is the stomach of the Black Ones like Malik. Malik's hunger pangs rule himself, that then rule over everything that is done in the Agenda. It is all about the Black Ones' hungers.

· Malik smells of sewer, rotting, and disease.

· If he comes too close to me I am close to vomit and feel sickly. Even closer and a person could go insane and even die. He avoids coming too close and doesn't mean to hurt me.

· Sometimes Malik tiptoes around the house with a fully erect penis. But if I ask to have it he gets upset because we are not married.

· Malik used to go by the name Betelgeuze. He has also tried names like Eugenius and Maleucius.

· Malik loved it when I read his Thoth Tarot cards for him. The Tower card of destruction sporting none other than The Eye came up as his Strengths card. Violent insanity came up as his weakness. (See the other cards on his page.)

· Malik likes to camp under my bed to give me nightmares as I sleep. I yell at him to get out of there when I catch him there, or sure enough, I will have bad dreams typically about spiders.

· Malik shows up with a fake hologram pillow-sized black widow spider under his arm to scare me with. Fake spider doesn't scare me if real Uncle Incubus doesn't. Sometimes he tries with the Egyptian scarab beetle.

· If you see the world through Malik's eyes, it is black and white and has an eery Satanic white glow. He sees no colors.

Strawberry the Reptilian

· He is a tiny dark red Reptilian

· He wears a dark black hooded cloak to try to stay warm
"He gets kicked around a lot, you see." - says General Patton now

· I'm not entirely sure who Strawberry is or where he comes from. He rarely visits me.
"General Patton's on the team, so he knows." - says General Patton
Who is Strawberry, then? - me
He is one of the, minstrels. - General Patton
What is a "minstrel"? - me, going to Google to look it up
Oh, so he is an entertainer? - me

· Strawberry speaks in a British English accent

· Strawberry feels cold and he is always in pain and gets beaten up by the other Draconians

General Patton

· He works with the United States military on a team that does surveillance on people such as me to make sure the Aliens don't go overboard with the agreements.

· He used to work on a Navy ship but transferred to this job sometime in the 1960's.

· He has an injured aching left wrist.

· I met him in person when I woke up at the hospital in Syracuse and was taken over to his house.

· I've had a huge crush on General Patton. We haven't done anything romantic though. Or have we? Read it in the books. I don't post such things here.

· "The Battle Of Syracuse" is the US military fighting the Reptilians.

· General Patton is a key feature in these true stories and you will see him appearing every now and then talking to the Aliens keeping them from hurting me too badly.

· General Patton wants me to join his team, become an MKULTRA Beta Cat, take on the name Stephanie, and work as a flight attendant on private planes for the CIA and military. Unless he sells me to the Russian Korpral Olav Vetti to guard the Russian missiles, satellites, and Navy subs.

Thuban Lady

· Although they crawl on land with ice pick praying mantis arms now, her kind used to be whales in the oceans of Alpha Draconis, same place the Reptilians came from

· Her favorite words are Hush, Hynch, Hysh, and Hunch. She also uses other words in her own language, pyy-pyy, mazu, pytt, and more.

· I once had a close awake abduction encounter with her in her medical room.

· She says I am part of her Noah's Ark

Snake the Draconian

· I still think that Snake came over from David Eckhart's Alien team. David Eckhart is a well-known alien contact person from Florida and I was speaking with David at the time when Snake came over.

· Hamish does not welcome Snake anywhere near me. Snake desires lusty cuddles with me.

· Other Reptiles call Snake "sheep f#cker" and "dog f#cker" for wanting me so badly. Meanwhile the Pleiadians call me "snake charmer" for wanting Snake. It is not sex ie. not with a penis. Purely energetic and about the iron in my blood.

· Snake has a tongue fetish and loves to make me put my fingers on my tongue. It drives him bananas.