Pajama Party


The Insects are large insects. They have sheer wings on the back of their long tubular body. The head is V-shaped and there are two sets of little black fingers on left and right sides of the mouth. The fingers can move and presumably help the Insect to guide food into its mouth.

They are also called Locusts. - says Jack with the NASA team

Jack is a man with big 1980's glasses and gray hair. He looks to be in his 50's. He says he works with the "NASA team" and he watches over alien activity. He can speak with me telepathically. The visual and language connection between Jack and me is probably enabled by the Aliens. The Aliens are required to let government officials see their activities and to keep a watchful eye on us abductees.

No, that is not it. - says Jack
Then why are you here? - me
Don't say "why" with me! - Jack
I don't know who you are. - me
You don't have to. You are in our kennel. - Malik?

Ok so Jack is another human form that the Aliens disguise themselves in so that they can pose as humans. Or was that just Malik butting in? But moving on. The page linked to on the left with the Insect Pajama Party tells you a lot about the Insects. The Insects lay their eggs in rows of feces on the floor. Yes. It seems that the huge interest that Aliens have in collecting feces from abductees is not only for metabolical studies. I saw that feces is stacked in rows along the floor. The rows are not perfectly straight but curvy. The Insects lay their eggs there. Which is not too surprising when we recall how many insects prepare their young here on Earth. Feces contains a lot of nutrition which has already been digested into a form that is suitable for many insect babies to feed on.

The Insects spend a long time incubating before they are ready to hatch and be full-grown mature adults. They grow in vertical pods that have a soft organic shell encasing. These growing incubating Insects are fed food products that are derived at least in part from human and possibly also hybrid body materials. There is a great controversy regarding this and the Aliens try to keep it quiet. But yes the Insects eat human parts. (Remind yourself that you eat hamburgers and that those are made from cows and calm down.)

When the Insect is ready, it hatches and climbs out of the soft organic shell encasing.

I actually like the Insects. A lot. They are a delight to talk to. They are some of my favorite Aliens.