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The Orion Project

Hello and welcome to the Orion Project! This website started in August 2011 to prove that I was imagining alien contact. Months later I found out that the contacts were real. The Orion Project has documented my case of alien contact and lots of alien conversations.

In August 2011 I was contacted by a man from Orion. He was here to tell me that I am an egg donor in their genetics project. Soon after, I was contacted by the friendly green Dinosaur. Then a Red Reptile entered into my room and has been with me ever since, and I came to know and love him as Hamish The Great my Dragon Turtle.

When contact begun I started out thinking that this is imaginary. The Orion Project was to document the experience and all the conversations, to present those and to investigate whether the contact was real or imaginary. I was going to show you how a case of alien contact was proven to be imaginary. But I was unable to reach that conclusion.

The main evidence of authenticity is in that the Reptilians can toss me. They can lift my body up, throw me around and slap me around. Other forms of evidence are correlation with other people's stories, and various other things that all add up to being proof. My quest is now to find the evidence to prove it to you guys! I am hoping to take photographies of the aliens. Until I do I will continue documenting our everyday stories and adventures together and all the conversations that we have.

The aliens tell me I am rare in that as a human I can hear them so well. The aliens tell me that I am part of a vast network of telepathy and that they can all hear my thoughts. It is enough for me to slightly think of an ET and it will sense me and connect and start to talk. I was switched out at birth and contain some alien DNA, they say.

It is perhaps rare to find the caliber of alien conversations as I have here. I have written up to thousands of pages of telepathic conversations with the ET in the nearly two years of contact we have had. I try to write everything down. The conversations are interesting, and talk mostly about their use of me as an egg donor in their genetics project. But the conversations also go into the Draconian Agenda, the history of the Orion people, and all sorts of interesting insight into the lives of these aliens. You will get to know many of the alien persons whom I've come to know and love over the past years.

I treat the aliens with much love and tolerance. There is a lot of humor in the way that I talk to them, and I use a lot of warmth, compassion and curiosity in our conversations to find out more about our aliens.

I hope you enjoy!

Eva Draconis