This website and books are called The Orion Project. They tell the story about my contact with extraterrestrials and with the humans who are connected to them. I started this website in 2011 when I was contacted by a man from Orion. He had come to tell me that his team had been using my eggs in genetic projects and that they were also studying my bacteria. I got to speak with more members of his alien team. The original purpose of this website was to document the contact experience, and, to figure out if the contact was real or imaginary. Months later into the contact, I concluded that at least I am personally convinced that it is real.

Let me give you a helpful summary of the story so that you do not just jump into random pages and find yourself confused on the material that you stumble upon. Let me tell you about the characters and the background, and then when you do read the other pages here, you can feel that you know the characters and you understand the things that they are talking about.

The alien team

The Orion doctor who contacted me in 2011 was part of a team of aliens who are working together. I have come to call their organization by the name "Agenda". The leaders of the group call themselves Dark Lords and say they are from a place called Alpha Theta. Some of the alien species working on the Agenda include, Zeta Reticulan ("We are the nurses.", a Zeta Reticulan now says, August 23 2017, 7:00 PM) Greys, Alpha Draconian Reptilians, the green frog-like ones called Dinosaurs, Alpha Orions, and also less known species such as Alpha Centaurians, Alpha Remulans, Zeta Remulans, and an Alpha Draconian species I call the Thuban whales. Some of the species who are working for the Dark Lord Agenda have willingly joined, and others have been forced to work there and are enslaved after wars and use of explosives.

I communicate with other alien species too who are not part of the Agenda, and some species have gotten together to form a Board and are against what the Agenda does. Benevolent species of the Board include the Pleiadians, Ummo, the Blue Kings who are known in Hinduism, and the mysterious Airship People or Air People who say they are the human species from our future. I have spoken with, or learned about, other benevolent species also who are not members of the Agenda and also not members of the Board, including Sirians, Arcturians, Vega, Lyrans, and many more.


Hamish is a red Reptilian of the "old Draconian race". His job is to guard my eggs from being stolen by other alien teams. He has chased many visiting Reptilians away over the years. Hamish spends a lot of time with me and over the years I consider that we have become good friends. I count Hamish as the best friend and greatest love I will ever have. Most of the stories on this website are about my daily life with Hamish and about the ordinary things that he does. He started out in the beginning in 2011 as a typically brutal and dominating Reptilian, but whether it was because I have been pouring my love and affection toward him for years or for some other reason, Hamish has changed considerably over the years and he is actually a friendly dragon nowadays.

Before 2011

But before I started The Orion Project which is this website and books, many years earlier in the 1990's I was a 14-year old girl who was seeing UFOs and talking telepathically with the aliens and experiencing events that were leading up to alien abductions at nights. Some months later after the alien contact had begun, I started to experience that human men from the United States were seeing me with remote viewing and they were speaking to me telepathically. In the following several years I got to know these men and I have written the list of all of them in the MILABS section of this website. MILABS means military abductions, and in those years I would sometimes wake up at night and find myself somewhere else and fully awake and in the actual presence of these men. They were either high ranking military officers, or they were men in black suits who I called "the surveillance people".

True to my character, already as a 14-year old girl I was writing everything down. I have retrieved my diary notes and will type them up for books that show you exactly what the UFO and alien contact was like back then when I was a little girl, and I will also publish the notes about the military and men in black from those years. In between this block of experiences of my teens and early 20's, and then later in 2011 when alien contact began, there was a several years gap with more or less nothing of that nature taking place. The Orion Project started to document these new events from 2011 and onward, but I am going to publish also the older notes from my teens and early 20's.

Dark Lords are scary

Dark Lords are a major feature of the website and books. Through the conversations that I have written down that we have had, you get to know some of them especially the one named Betelgeuze who later changed his name into Malik. Malik was the leader of the team of aliens who were working with me. Dark Lords are not cute and fuzzy aliens. They are the ones who created satanism and many forms of witchcraft and gave it to humanity. They claim to have created things like Aleister Crowley the notorious satanist, Ancient Egyptian religion and its god figures, Ku Klux Klan, the Nazi movement, Satanism in itself, Tarot cards and the deck of playing cards, druidism, Rosicrucians, the El Diablo gang (which coincidentally is named "The Devil"). Dark Lords are known in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as Satan, the devils, and the Djinn. It also seems that they are the same as the Fallen Angels, but I am collecting more info on that part.

I have always used a lot of love and a sense of humor when dealing with the Dark Lords, and so it has been possible to have many conversations with them without me getting scared. I have treated them as biological entities, I have been curious of them and their culture, I have made some interviews with them, and I have regarded them as friends. However, their presence is very harmful and nowadays I ask them to leave if they try to visit, I tell them that I am allergic to them. They are extremely harmful and destructive beings. Also readers need to know that I am not into Satanism, I am not a Nazi, I do not do dark arts. I write on many uncomfortable and sinister topics in The Orion Project, but that is because I am interviewing aliens, and one of the alien species who features in my work are the Dark Lords.

General Patton

A character you will run into as you read the stories on this website, is General Patton. He is of course not the actual General Patton who was a U.S. General in World War Two, but someone who is using this as a codename. Already in my teens I got to know that General Patton was a VIP among the military officers and men in black suits, but I didn't get to talk to him until many years later in about 2012. He said that he was "training me" and he used his mind powers to overlap our bodies, not in a physical real sense, but in a mental sense, and he moved my body at his will. Mind control and MKULTRA are used by the Agenda aliens and by these military. General Patton was going to train me and then sell me to the Russians. He was going to sell me to Russian Korpral Olav "Olli" Vetti, who was a missiles expert. The aliens also wanted me and Olav to have children together, and the sons that we have together are called "the Iroquois".

Japanese Dragon Dynasty

Hamish my Reptilian does not only work here with me. He also frequently visits Japan and Komi Saki in Japan. Through Hamish I have gotten to know Japanese families who are called the "Dragon Dynasty" families. They have had dragons, or actually Reptilians, in their families for centuries. Reptilians are using members of these families to father children. I have also been asked to have children with Dragon Dynasty men. Hamish tells me that his name is Hamish, but the Japanese men call him by the name Kemoro.

Are you ready

I think that after this little introduction you are now ready to dive into the many pages with weird strange stories on this website. You will probably still run into many strange topics here that might confuse you, such as Dark Lords talking about "drinking coffee" or Hamish talking about "liver snacks". But I hope you can enjoy and also learn from this website. There are also hundreds if not thousands of more pages of conversations and material that were not posted on the website. My plan is to publish them all in books, but that will be years of work before they are all available.