On the night between December 3 and 4 2018 I woke up from my sleep at more or less exactly 3 AM. I do not normally wake up at night and tend to sleep through the night hours soundly. I do not recall having any dreams just before waking up. I was in my bed and it was dark in my room and quiet. As when I went to sleep, I was alone home in my apartment.

Within a short moment, Zetas started talking to me telepathically. I did not get out of bed to turn the lights on in order to obtain a laptop computer or some paper and pen to write down what was said in our telepathic conversations, I thought that I could tell myself to remember what was being said, but now the next day on December 4, 2018, at 8:34 PM as I am writing this, I have of course forgotten most of what was said, which is regrettable.

I could see the Zeta Reticulan aliens in a mental image, in that image I could see the beings in their other location which was a room. The room appears to not have any furniture or items in it, unlike a human home which is filled with furniture and stuff. I was shown the Zeta symbol or hieroglyph which they now said to me means "Hello". It is the symbol that looks a lot like the symbol of the Japanese currency Yen, a "Y" with two short horisontal lines cutting across the leg of the Y and possibly one or two dots on one side near the top.

It is peculiar to think about how I could wake up at 3 AM at night and be talking with and interacting with the Zetas and now the next day I have forgotten some of the details of it. It makes me ask myself what more might be happening with the alien contact which I then forgot all about having happened. The Zetas told me that they wanted to bring me to them, I said I was happy to go there and I was eager to visit. I was of course yet again optimistic about getting to experience the close encounter, but that would not take place, or that if it did I have forgotten about it.

The Zetas told me that they had told Hamish to go to the other room, and sure enough my turtle pooch was standing in my living room. I was upset about that, because I am getting new windows installed in my home so my living room has all of the furniture stacked together and covered with plastic, so Hamish does not even have the sofas to sit on, and the floors are covered in large sheets of paper and the entire floor is covered with a thick layer of fine gray dust. Also when Hamish is told to go somewhere else, I have seen that many times before, he does obey and he goes there, but then he stands there and sort of doesn't know what to do with himself, not sure where to stand or where to go or what to look at or what to do or what to think, and seeing him like that breaks my heart and makes me angry that someone had told him to go away.

Sure enough, it seems commonplace that when the Zetas show up to deal with me they will tend to tell Hamish to go to another room. As far as I understand it the reason is because Hamish has a tendency to bite the Zetas otherwise and to get upset and irritated with them and start to fuss, so Zetas tend to ask Hamish to go to another room. I have known that to happen also when Hamish is in the room that the Zetas are in that is not in my home. So, whether me and Hamish are in my home, or if me and Hamish or just Hamish is there in the other location where the Zetas are - when the Zetas show up the Zetas will tell Hamish to go to another room. It breaks my heart not only because Hamish looks so out of place when he goes to the other room, but also because I want nothing more than to have my beloved dragon near me.

The Zetas told me that they would like to take "one drop" or was it "one speck", meaning a tiny tiny amount, of my blood. I may have asked them what they would do with it, but I think I may have told them that they can go ahead, because the amount of blood seemed to be just so very little, so I don't see why not? I have no recollection of my blood being taken.

The Zetas mentioned Hamish and I recall them calling him by the name "Rhynchus", they told him that he was there with them.

I could see the Zetas in mental images. I seem to recall one Zeta showing me a mental image of its hand which has long slender white fingers and holding a metal instrument tool in the hand and I seem to recall being somewhat impressed with that this creature had such hands with which it could use tools and do fine precision work.

And then there was the mental image which really this page is all about. In a mental image from the room that the Zetas were in, while the Zetas were there and I was still in my home in my dark bedroom in my bed, in that mental image this time, standing in the open doorway that leads into the room that the Zetas were in, stood a tiny little alien creature which was totally surprising for me to see.

It was a tiny little elf creature, perhaps about the height to be up to my knees or somewhat shorter. It had three large somewhat cone shaped protruberations from its head: two to the sides left and right, and one on top of the head. These were the same turquoise blue color as the color of its skin and looked to be by all means made of the same flesh as its body and to be a part of its body. The two side ones, one could use imagination to assume could be its external ears, but what the top one could be is beyond my imagination. I do not even know if the two side protruberations would be ears.

The little elf has dark turquoise blue colored skin. The skin appears to be thick and smooth without any hairs or scales or other detail that I could see. It had a face with two small eyes, and I seem to recall that it had a big wide "ugly" nose, and a mouth. I seem to recall that it had lines on its forehead and cheeks like an old man. The elf had two arms and two legs and I did not see a tail. I do not recall what its clothes would have looked like, yet I have the feeling that it would have worn clothes and not been naked.

This alien was in a mental image in my mind and just as clear and "convincing" as any of the countless of other mental images I have had of aliens over the years. I mean, if I see a mental image of the Zetas or of Hamish then that is nothing out of the ordinary to me, I have seen them many times before and I know what they look like, but seeing this little turquoise blue elf, even though the quality or rendering of the mental image was just the same as of any of the other aliens I see, the alien itself was one that I had never seen before not that I can recall.

What am I trying to say here, what I mean is that I saw this alien with the same kind of mental image and the same quality of mental image as when I see other aliens which are more familiar to me and which when I see them is not surprising to me, so the mental image itself was not the surprise, just the way that this new species looked was surprising to me because I had not seen this one before.

The alien seemed a bit shy or hesitant, I did not sense from the way that I feel the aliens and their emotions and thoughts nor in its body language anything sinister or aggressive about it. It felt like it would have been a friendly creature perhaps.

Today when I thought about the alien and thought about what to name it, I first thought that I would have to name it the "Yoda Alien" after the character Yoda in the Star Wars movies (even though I AM NOT!!! a Star Wars fan) but then a Dark Lord or other alien told me that these are "minions". I am unhappy about naming this species the Minions because I hate the Illuminati... I mean Disney animated movie "Minions" because it feels so much like Illuminati that I resent it and so that has made me resent the name "Minions" whenever I come across it, there is something really gross about that movie. But anyhow, this alien species becomes named "Minions", because I don't get to come up with all of the names.

I also mention that at one point the Zetas used their mental powers to move my body, and again as always they choose to do it somewhat harshly, in a way which suggests that they might feel some genuine resentment toward me. There are so many different ways in which one could move someone else's body. Gently, or with resentment, are two possible examples. I always feel from the Zetas so much resentment toward me when they look at me or when they move my body. When we speak I am not feeling the resentment so much usually, unless I am speaking with the Alpha Reticulans then the resentment might be there even when we speak.

And one mental image that I was shown depicted a very tall and very slender white Zeta with long slender arms and legs and the bald head and in a dark room and as if slowly walking a few steps toward me and this mental image was deeply terrifying because there was such a sinister and frightening nightmareish feeling about that image, but I chose to remain optimistic and welcoming toward my aliens, because I really want to meet them.

I do tell my dragon that if he wants to speak with me or gets bored or lonely during the night then he can gently nudge my body to wake me up, he has taken me up on that offer on at least one occasion, so I will not know if it was my Hamish who woke me up or if I woke up due to the Zetas. The little blue elf Minion was only seen in that one mental image of it standing in the doorway of where the Zetas were in another location, but of course I catalogue this alien as yet another one of the many different alien species I have encountered.

Minion: "a follower or underling of a powerful person, especially a servile or unimportant one. "he gets oppressed minions like me to fob them off"
synonyms: underling, henchman, flunkey, lackey, hanger-on, follower, camp follower, servant, hireling, vassal, stooge, creature, toady, sycophant, flatterer, fawner, lickspittle, myrmidon"

Last night the Zeta Reticulans also told me that they had the "Zeta Remulans" (or "Zeta Remulan") in the room with them! I was so happy to hear that! Zeta Remulans have become something that makes me really happy and cheers me up! They are wonderful, or at least I have come to like them. Perhaps because the Zeta Remulan used to show me the big frog puppet, but no matter what the reason, I am always happy to have the Zeta Remulans visiting me.