Outside Sources - Matt's Reptilian Encounters

I was reading about Matt a former police officer who was investigating the North Port Florida Devil sightings in the Florida area. When I read about the case it connected me to aliens from that area. Below is the telepathy with an alien from that area.

Telepathy while working
While reading, I seemed to connect telepathically to whatever creatures are out there in Florida. I did not expect any telepathic transmission at this time, and it was clear from how this creature spoke to me, that it was not one of my very own reptilians.

Reptiles - you guys are so cool! - I said out loud and laughed. I thought I was alone as I was not actively using telepathy, but I heard a reply!
I'm glad you think so. - I heard unknown saying to my surprise
... We are doing it to harass the citizens. - Unknown
Why do you want to do that? For what reason? Do you have a reason? - me
Because we are moving in. - Unknown
Are you building a base there? - me
NO?!!? You stupid woman. - Unknown, by the way, my reptilians never talk to me like that with such disrespect
Well? Then what is it? I am trying to understand. - me
We are giving them a hard time! - Unknown
But is there a reason for that? What do you accomplish? What do you gain? - me
No, it is strictly personal. - Unknown
Ok. So you don't want to tell me. - me
They are, "living here". - Unknown, as he said "living here" he said it with disgust
Are you, wanting to live there too? Do you want to take that as your home? Why do you like that place? Do you live there? Do you have homes there? If you do, we can send the humans away. - me
Thank you for speaking to us in the light of the day. - Unknown, I now felt a relief in his heart, as if he was not expecting someone to be so kind to him, I could really feel it, he had calmed down and felt comforted
Are you from outer space, or did you originate from here? - me

We are not bringing you into us as slaves, ... - Unknown, with a deep dark voice
Then what are you doing with us? I would like to know. It is nice to know that. - me
We are collecting them for our purposes. - Unknown
We don't want you to watch out for us. - Unknown said with a kind of childlike juvenile tantrum type of animalistic state of emotion and expression, it was weird
... Thank you for speaking to me. I would like to know more. You are very nice to say these things to me. I do appreciate it. - me
We hope you don't mind. - Unknown
I don't even know what is going on? Can you tell me? - me
We put these to control them. - Unknown
Why in the penis? Why there? - me

Two other items of reptilian interaction while I was reading. While I was reading about how the reptilians would activate reptilian DNA in some humans, which then would change the behavior of those humans, I suddenly watched as my left shoulder was stretched outward to the side and leaned the shoulder down, and my neck was stretched up and slightly away from the left shoulder, exposing my bare left shoulder and neck. Then my very own right hand started patting nicely on the left shoulder, stroking it back and forward on the shoulder, like lovingly petting a cat. It seemed loving and appreciative, it felt as if I was a beautiful creature and woman to someone, and I was trying to figure out what on earth was going on. I have never had such a thing happen before. I was then told, "We need more humans like you." It was as if someone possessed my own right hand in order to caress my own left shoulder, to have a way of caressing me.

The second bit of reptilian interaction was funny. As I was editing on my text about how some creatures had vandalized a truck in North Port, Florida, my very own Red Reptile came around to say, "Hamish has not been there." I replied to my Red, "No, my Honored." Red Reptile has said many times that he was a character called "Hamish the Great also known as Hamish the Elder". I think this was some historical human of the past, but an internet search doesn't find it. Red was referring to himself as Hamish this time. Sometimes Red refers to himself as Dionyssos (the Greek God). Red was showing up to tell me that he was not the one there smashing the truck. Red is so adorable I just want to squeeze him and shower him in love and affection. But then I had to laugh, because Hamish has to be the funniest name in the world!