Peach Blossom Narugai

This morning on July 28 2012 Hamish brought to me another Japanese man. Hamish is my Red Dragon. Hamish spends a lot of time working in Japan, with the human men who are known as the Japanese Dragon Dynasty. These men are part of an old traditional history and their ancestry dates back to the Samurai. They are very deeply rooted in Japanese traditional culture and they love to teach me about it.

I think this man's last name was Narumoto. Hamish brings young hybrid children to these Japanese men for reasons you will have to read about in my book because I censor it here. These children are called Narugai by the Japanese. Hamish had brought me in to the man and he was considering whether I could be one of his Narugai. Hamish has a habit of bringing me to US, Russian, and Japanese men who work with the Draconians. Hamish seems to think it is ok. I am used as payment to these men who work with the Draconians, but I also suspect that the Draconians are breeding humans, through such conventional means, rather than just making hybrids in the laboratory.

This man was really sweet, like all the Japanese men they are extremely sweet and somewhat shy. They are very different from any Western man I have ever met. Mr. Narumoto wanted me to learn to speak and write the Japanese language, and he even taught me a few words in Japanese.

He said that I was like a peach blossom. What I find interesting about the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men is that, unlike American and European men who can just grab a lady and do it, the Japanese treat a woman like artwork. They want a woman to be dressed in beautiful traditional Japanese clothing. They want their lady to act like a lady. There is a whole intricate and traditional courtship ritual that I'm having to get used to. It is very romantic and beautiful, but there is nothing like it in Western men. Sure, some Western men might take a lady out to dinner, and maybe have some wine later at home. But these Japanese Dragon Dynasty men sure make a lot more of it.

In fact I find the culture of these Japanese men, especially with respect to dating and courtship ritual, so foreign and totally alien to me, that I declared to myself that Hamish being a red space lizard makes more sense to me than the Japanese culture.

Mr. Narumoto wanted me to learn to write a Haiku poem. Sure I know what those are. I promised him I would write him a Haiku poem in the Japanese language. And make it about a peach blossom. It will just take me five years or so.

He then showed me some needlework. It is artwork that a woman, presumably a proper lady, would do. You have a sheet of paper or cardboard and with needle and thread you stitch lines parallel to one another to make a pattern. He showed me with his mental images how a lady would do that. He then showed me that the very finest needlework is done with thin silk threads, and he showed me that they keep such work on the walls and that they would last centuries. An internet search finds me Nuido, an ancient Japanese needlework. That is what it looked like, like lines of thread stitched next to each other, in different colors and different lengths. I am supposed to learn that?! I told him that I would make a needlework depicting our Hamish Dragon! And that I would put some peach blossoms around Hamish! Mr. Narumoto didn't seem too fond of my choice of design. I guess Hamish isn't a ladylike choice.

I don't have time to sit here dressed in a red Japanese silk Kimono, learning the Japanese language, making Haiku poems about Japanese peach blossoms, while I sit and make a Nuido artwork depicting our beloved Red Dragon, Hamish the Elder also known as Hamish the Great. I sure love the way that they treat a lady and I am humbled and flattered that they would consider me as having such potential. But I feel very awkward in this situation. Here is my beautiful Haiku poem for Mr. Narumoto and the Dragons:

Red Dragon sells me
Peach Blossom Prostitution
Filthy Narugai