March 15 2013

The Lion coat of arms is a secret symbol
of the Dragon Power Rule on Earth
said the Sensei
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Warning: this page describes some sexual offensive content about how the Draconian Reptiles bring their human egg donors such as me to suitable men of the Dragon Dynasty because they are doing some sort of pedigree breeding

Last night I had a dream where a dangerous security guard or hitman wearing a black suit was going to... giggles, I'm writing this now while the Sensei is still around. I just don't know what to say to him, it's all just too funny. The man was wearing a black suit. He was of robust build, and in the dream he wasn't on my side. I was afraid of him. I tried to get away from him, but that proved impossible. He aimed a gun at me and I noticed how it did not have a laser marker on me, but I knew his aiming was spot on. I imagined for myself that we were in a jungle so that I could hide away into the forest. I ran into the deep forest and I knew that they would be able to track me. I arrived at a river and realized I can't just swim across, which I was about to do, so I had to pay a native to take me over with his canoe. There could be piranhas and alligators in the river, and right enough I saw an alligator's top of the head in the water. So the canoe was safe.

From dream interpretation, this immediately connects me with the memory from Game of Thrones season 2 episode 7 I think, where the lady knight takes the king slayer across the river in a small boat that looks like a canoe. I felt like a prisoner, is what my dream symbolism was telling me.

I arrive at the shore and pay the native $120. I realize I have arrived in Japan. But I am not safe. The man is going to find me and kill me. He is already almost here in Japan. I have to hide. I go to two Japanese men there who seem to be the village elders. One of them is the head of the village, and his counsil I assume. Can they help me hide from the man in a black suit who is after to kill me? Around the corner is their village warrior. He might be able to defend me. He is dressed in white. He has a long sword and he is sitting in lotus on the floor.

I wake up, back in my bed. Hamish had brought me to another of the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men, for real. It was not a dream. And the man in black suit is also around. I have some conversations with the man, with Hamish, and with the man in black suit, also also a Japanese hybrid prostitute with black hair and Japanese shaped eyes shows up to talk to me. All are someplace else, while I am here, but somehow we are in the same places, or that I have been. I don't know how this works but the Dragons inhabit another reality, another layer of the world, and they can bring me there too.

I am to call him Sensei. I have seen his face very clearly, I could probably even spot him from a group of Japanese men even though a lot of the Japanese look similar to us Westerners who are not used to seeing their faces. His hair is silky and slightly shiny and a brownish black. His face is narrow and long and he has a brown beard. Not a long beard, but not a very short one either. Not enough to grab on, and it covers the entire area where beard grows, even the moustach so it is not trimmed to be partial in any way. He is wearing white loose-fit clothing and some type of slippers he is not barefoot. His eyes are shiny and brown. He seems healthy and a happy well-rounded person.

Sensei knows Hamish, but he was surprised that I call him Hamish. That is not their name for him. Hamish told me that the man is an expert in the martial arts of Kendo, where they use a long sword, and that he had taught the Reptilians Kendo. Sensei told me that I was one of the Nagari, and I finally figured out why the Japanese sometimes say Nagari sometimes Narugai. If I got this right, my impression now is that the Narugai are hybrid children who are prostitutes for the human Dragon Blood allies and the Nagari are adult prostitutes either human or hybrid but adults. Narugai are like little Nagari. So I am a Nagari. Sometimes the Japanese lovingly call me Narugai, maybe to belittle me in a cute way.

I can't tell you any of the sexy details on a public webpage in case children might be reading, so if this topic really interests you (not sex, but the Japanese Dragon Dynasty and associated shenanigans) you are free to email me for more of the details. In some part, I also want to honor Sensei by not disgracing him by giving out too many details.

We just want your eggs. Now! - Hamish says now

Sensei was glad that I had had a proper shower and scrubbed myself clean last night before I went to bed. By habit I always have a good wash because there's no telling where I'm gonna end up with abductions. Still, Sensei would have liked to give me a bath, in a Japanese style hot tub. I would have liked that.

While in Japan, they had racks of Japanese women's clothing and they tried something on me but nothing would fit, because I am more plump than the Japanese women and also I am differently shaped. I am a big-boned European women, built for hardships and labor, well not completely like that but a little. I remember having something pulled on me over my head, and it wouldn't fit down over my wide hips and they had to pull it off again. So I guess I was naked. Hey what happened to that red Kimono the Dragon Dynasty gave me? That beautiful silky satin one?

Hamish brings me to the Dragon Dynasty. Hamish has no scruples about using me as a prostitute. But to be fair, I have given Hamish both my hunnun and pyy-pyy (Zeta/Thuban dictionary). But it seems to be about fertilizing eggs and not so much about sex. And I have a suspicion that Hamish and Draconians then get to eat those fetuses or babies that are born. Some of them at least are kept and grow up. Hybrid and human boys that result are encouraged to learn martial arts. Sam my son who looks human is good at martial arts and fighting.

I am intrigued by the Dragon Dynasty. They are Japanese humans with close strong ties to the Dragons, Hamish being one of them. They treat my Dragon kindly and gracefully, and I like that. I like knowing that Hamish has this fantastic other life besides just being with me. He is not only my Kissy Turtle Sock but he is also this distinguished Dragon with the Japanese. Over here I treat Hamish like a baby and a puppy and I coo over him tons, and over there it is about Japanese culture, history, traditions and martial arts. But Hamish will always be my Hamish.

The man in black suit who appeared he said that I am their "Dolly" and that "not all the Narugai are Japanese", meaning that I can be one too. Needless to say there was no sex between me and Sensei. I wish I could visit Japan in real life. Meet all of these people. I also want to meet the United States associates, the guys in black suits and military officers. I've waited too long to be let to be conscious during abductions. I want the shrouds of mystery and the fragments of memories to clearen up. I want to know, and not knowing is far worse than anything that they do to me while I am there. I am far too happy about remembering to be worried about being some Nagari.

Hamish Kissy Feet
Let me stay awake
I can see Sensei

This page may be edited a bit to tidy it up. I just had to write it all down before I forget. I woke up at 5 AM and had to start writing or the encounter would be lost forever. It is now 6:50 AM and I can go back to bed. Oh, I forgot to say that the Sensei had said that he had never been with a European woman before. Seems I am highly praised by the Draconians, that it's not typical of them to bring European prostitutes to the Japanese Dragon Dynasty. What is it about my eggs that makes me have to be bred with the Dragon Dynasty and what have you not?

Oh well, I love my Dragon, quirky and weird as my Sock Puppet is, I can only love Hamish. And I will go whereever he goes, whereever he takes me. Me and Hamish, are a team. He is my Kissy Dragon Turtle. Oh and you are probably all wondering how am I feeling? I'm ok. To be honest, the truth is I am far too disgusted with the hybrid children being sexually active at such a young age, that when it all involves just adults I am so relieved that I don't even mind anymore. I can't say I want to have sex with the Sensei. The Japanese men are very different. For one, they do not shave anywhere on their body. But it's not just that, they're just different. I've never been with a Japanese or an Asian man, I had told him when he said he hadn't been with a European woman.

It would feel awkward is what I am trying to say. However, I feel that the Draconians and other Aliens are forcing these men into sexual acts with women like me. I've seen evidence of that many times. They are forced, just as I am

Yes, but we are not. - says the black suit man now
I would be with you? You're kind of awesome. - me to black suit man
Yeah I like your hair. - he says
Dollys ring my bell! - ha ha ha, he sings that! ha ha ha best man in black suit line ever

Ha ha ha. I never heard one of the men in black suits sing before. How precious. But anyhow, I guess I would do anything for my Hamish Dragon. I just don't know the Sensei. Oh and when it seemed as if Sensei was drawing my life force into him, drinking my juice it is called, I had asked Hamish if Sensei was drinking my juice, and Hamish had said no, that "he only drinks tea" and I was shown that he drinks tea from these small cups. The Dynasty drink green tea and they want me to drink it too. In fact I was offered a cup of tea and something to eat by the Sensei. They usually give me food there first thing, the Japanese also take me to the toilet first because they must know I always have to pee when I'm abducted.

Let's let a note about me having to pee be the last comment here on this page, as it is the least disgusting thing that we could talk about. Now I'm going back to bed. Good night. Don't let the Dragons bite.

Me and the man in black suit are flirting a bit now. Don't hate me for it, because there is a lot of spite against women abductees who show any form of tolerance toward the sexual acts we are forced into. But for one, I really love Hamish, and the UFO/ET society will hate me for that because we are supposed to hate on the Reptiles. And this man in a black suit is kinda hot, and he keeps calling me Dolly. I don't know. I'm actually quite shy and timid, and I don't have a boyfriend of my own. So if a man shows me interest and I find him intrigueing, well so what if he's a men in black. I don't get out much and I wouldn't date any ordinary man who doesn't understand the Agenda I am under. Things would be too complicated. I'll let you all know what if anything happens.