Fun Stuff That Draconians Say!

Here we have it! Fun little quotes of what Draconian Space Reptiles and other ETs say! Them being alien they are not quite like us and every once in a while they say something that I find to be either bizarre, fun, or outright charming! Here I share the gems of our conversations.

August 2 2012
"No" - Hamish I've been picking up things and cleaning and being very busy all morning because I just moved in to a new unit two days ago. I must have handled a hundred different items of my belongings already. Then as soon as I pick up my bundle of big white plush ostrich feathers to carry them over, Hamish says No. I have not seen, noticed or heard Hamish all day but obviously he has been watching very closely. But he says No to ostrich feathers.

Funny thing is yesterday I was going through some decorative items like flowers and things to choose something for the kitchen table. Then too as soon as I picked up the ostrich feathers, Hamish was saying No. This can't be coming from my own head because the ostrich feathers are my most prized decorative items, I love them dearly.

Hamish has a Draconian accent when he says No. You know the sound when you have a coffee brewer when the first few drops start steaming and getting ready, or the sound of a big cat purring. Hamish has such an accent when he says No. He is so adorable. He doesn't like ostrich feathers.

May 2 2012
"You'd better not hurt yourself on that chair. Because otherwise I'd come watch." - Hamish That's just funny cause I was just sitting on the chair and minding my own business and this big red space lizard says such a thing