Boys Malik and Hamish answer Dariush's questions
about Draconian Human World Politics
January 25 2013

Scroll down to see the telepathic conversation; first part is just recap of letters between me and reader.

A reader of this website, Dariush writes a PM on our Facebook Orionmindproject Page with some questions about Draconian involvement with other countries here on earth:

Hi, Annie. I interestingly read your experiences and am impressed with your love and light, and tolerance of some ET's who, unfortunately, exhibit negative actions at times. I do appreciate your important time to share your experiences and knowledge with the people out there.

Before I ask you these questions, I assure you that I do know that you, and anybody else, may not know 100% of the answers. Anyways, I ask you what information do you have about ET contacts with world gov'ts? I read about the Japanese, Russian, and US involvement with the Draconian and other reptilians. Do you know anything about China's alien contacts/treaties? I read 4 years ago of a British man with insectoid contact, and they told him they, with the greys, have joint Chinese underground bases in China, and the Chinese powers think they have been contacted by the ETs because they are superior or special. Do you know about any other countries' contacts, like India, which has been reported to have contact with benevolent ET's, or Iran, which has been reported to have UFO and other advanced technology? Lastly, do you have any info why the Russian and US powers are against each other, while they work with the same ETs, the Draconians?

Also, I read your dialogue with the Orion ET on NATO. NATO, who have done mass killings and atrocities, recently did this in Libya. They killed 1000's of innocent Libyan people, and destroyed the country, the richest African, and Arab, country with less than 6% poverty, least in Africa and Middle East. They also used bombs with depleted uranium, which destroys DNA, causes cancer, and stays in the region for millions of years. Also, it is known the former leader, Gaddafi, was very anti-imperialist, and kicked out US military bases, and maintained no involvement with the big bankers. Although it is known and clear that the NATO powers overthrew him, destroyed Libya, and installed a puppet government, what is the ET stance on this? Do your ET contacts benefit from this, disregard this, or oppose this?

Thank you much, and may love and light always be with you

And my reply to him:

Hi Dariush, sorry for the long wait for a reply. I haven't been logged on to my Facebook page in a long while, but I am here now.

Thank you for your kind words and appreciation of the work that I do. I do it for you readers.

I have written extensively what I know about the Draconian contacts with Japanese, Russian, and United States military, and you seem to have read the website carefully enough that I do not need to give a summary on those accounts. As for China's involvement, I have not seen or heard or been told anything about China in relation to these contacts. I could ask them of course, but I'd rather not at this time. I will keep your question in mind and ask them at the right time.

Hahaha, Aliens will tell many people that they are superior and special just to get them on their team. The Japanese were also told they are superior and special. Oh dear.

Good questions, Dariush. I don't know any other countries' contacts other than the ones I have stated as these are the ones I interact with. I know nothing about India or Iran.

Why the Russians and US are against each other yet seem to be collaborating with the ETs together? Yes that is an excellent question and I wonder about that often. I don't know! And I don't want to guess! I will have to ask the Aliens, or better yet I can ask General Patton and Korpral Olav Vetti themselves, they should know!

I will have to ask them about Libya. Good questions!

Thank you, and I see that I need to have a politics talk with the ETs


And then Malik in his Reptilian form showed up and seemed curious to speak about these political matters. He showed up maybe half a minute after I had said that I don't know the answers and would need to talk to him, yet I had not directed any attention to the Aliens that I would wish to speak to any of them about these things. But he showed up anyway.

Hi Dariush. Malik the Black Reptile is here to talk to you.

Malik, this man asks about Draconian involvement with Earth politics and military actions. What do you know about Draconian involvement in India? And Draconian involvement in China?

"The Chinese wanted to give us minerals." - says Hamish
"Yes! Tell Dariush that!" - Malik Reptile
"What else did China do?" - me
"Oh, they are going to have great floods!" - Malik
"Yes, I know that." - me
"What do the Chinese do with Draconians?" - me
"It is not for you women to know!" - Malik doesn't want a woman like me to know

"How about India? Draconians and India, what happens there?" - me
"They wanted us to help them." - Hamish or Malik
"But, don't tell Dariush that." - Malik
"Malik, India and Draconians? What can you tell me?" - me
"They don't have bombs for us." - Malik
"What do you mean with that?" - me
"And they haven't equipped us with a car, like the Japanese." - Malik
(The Japanese let Malik drive a car over in Japan, Malik loves it and is a good driver!)

"What about Libya? NATO had a big war in Libya, what do the Draconians think about that?" - me
"We didn't want minerals from there." - says Hamish
"Do you all know where Libya is? It's in Africa. Lots of people died, when NATO went there, or so says Dariush. I don't know." - me
"We meant to go there once." - Hamish
"Then, what happened? Did you not go?" - me

"One more question." - me
"Oh! Yes PLEASE!" - Malik loves questions
"Is Russia and United States friends with each other or enemies?" - me
"The Russians, are not our friends!" - Malik
"Why not? I thought they were." - me
"They have DECEIVED us!" - Malik
"In what way." - me
"They promised us, more weapons. And gold." - Malik
"And? They lied? What do you do with gold and weapons?" - me
"Trade." - Malik
"Who do you trade with?" - me
"Other cooperatives." - Malik
"Like what?" - me
"Like the ones, who give us stones and minerals." - Malik
"And what do you do with stones and minerals?" - me
"We want to give it to them, like a mine." - Hamish
"Like when you guys need hay, to feed your animals!" - Malik
"What do you do with minerals? Do you build with them? What kind of minerals do you use?" - me
"Did you not hear us say gold?!??" - Malik
"Yes, I heard you. What do you make with gold." - me
"I am only curious." - me
"Gold, is more precious to us, than water is to you." - Malik
"OH MY GOODNESS! That is very valuable! Does it, get used in your spaceships? Or your technology?" - me
"Yes, yes." - Malik

"What does Russia take from you." - me
"Knowledge mostly, and books. And records of us that they want to keep!" - Malik
"And what do you give to Russia?" - me
"No? Nothing more. They are the enemies." - Malik
"What happened? What went wrong? Who lied, and what did they do? How rude of them to lie to Reptiles!" - me
"Yes. This woman likes us." - Malik
"I LOVE Reptiles. They are cute. And friendly." - me
"No, thanks." - Malik

"Tell me about the United States. What do they take from you?" - me
"Well?!?? We get the minerals from them?!" - Malik
"What minerals, specifically? Gold?" - me
"Mostly iron, that we need." - Malik
"Why do you take it from planet Earth?" - me
"Because it is mineral, and iron rich." - Malik
"What about other planets? Don't they have minerals too? But no one mining them? You need human labor too?" - me
"What ABOUT the Russians?" - one of the Russian men is involved now too
"What about Russia? You tell me?" - me
"No, we are not interested in talking to the (my original native country where my parents are from, nationality)." - Russian
"What? What? Who cares about that." - me

"What about Japan. What does Japan take from Draconians?" - me
"They take food, from pyy-pyy." - Malik, pyy-pyy is their word for my lady parts, food from pyy-pyy probably means the hybrid children from women like me, these children are used as a commodity I'm afraid
"I'M NOT STRUGGLING WITH IT!" - Malik, about children used as commodity
"What does Japan take, other than children?" - me
"No? Nothing." - Malik
"Why does Japan need children? Why? Why is that so valuable? What happens with them?" - me
"The Russians don't." - Malik
"What do the Russians take?" - me

"Do you have more to say, Malik?" - me
"About what? About Russian affairs, with us?" - Malik approximately
"Yess... She wants to know about our iron." - Malik
"Malik. What does Japan, give to you?" - me
"Mostly food. And snacks." - Hamish
"What kind of food and snacks? Do they give you fish? And squid to eat?" - me
"They also supply our armies with boots." - Malik
"Good boots, I've seen them. Reptiles have awesome clothes." - me
"Yes, and we don't need any more of that." - a Reptile from Japanese undersea camp who wears those clothes
"Do the Reptiles like Japanese? Is things, is everything ok there? With the, agreements and collaboration?" - me
"Yes. They even let me drive their car." - Malik
"That is nice. Maybe one day you can teach me how to drive. I would love to have Malik teach me to drive. Is it difficult, Malik?" - me
"No, not at all. You just have to learn all the gear shifts." - Malik
"Was that it? And then you knew how to drive? You are very clever. Didn't they also teach you Kendo, the art of sword fighting?" - me
"Yes, and they like to show us their goldfish." - Hamish
"What do you say about the goldfish, Hamish?" - me
"I say that I would like to take them in my mouth." - Hamish, I KNEW IT! I knew Hamish was gonna say something like that, cute
"Have you eaten goldfish, Hamish?" - me
"No, they do not let me take them." - Hamish
"I will buy you a goldfish if you wish to eat one." - me
"They tell me that they are not snacks." - Hamish
"I can give you goldfish snacks. If you wish to have a goldfish snacks. I can buy them from the pet store. How many do you want? Hamish? How many goldfish?" - me
"We must say, that the Reptiles are not here." - Hamish is being asked to say by someone else, possibly by a military from one of these countries who watches and oversees
"And no. We are not going to eat goldfish." - Hamish
"Because they are not nourishing." - Hamish in my language, all else in English

Summary of trading:

China:wanted to give minerals to Reptiles
India:wanted the Reptiles to help them
Libya:Reptiles did not want minerals from there
Russia:have deceived the Reptiles; had promised the Reptiles more weapons and gold; Russia gets from Reptiles knowledge and books; Reptiles now consider Russians to be the enemies; Russia does not take hybrid children from the Reptiles
United States:give minerals to Reptiles, mostly iron
Japan:takes hybrid children from the Reptiles, and takes nothing else; Japan gives to Reptiles mostly food and snacks, and supply the Reptile armies with boots
Unknown:give Reptiles stones and minerals such as gold

The Unknown country may as well be one or several of the countries listed there. And to think of it, about the Japanese, that "They take food, from pyy-pyy", sounds like a reference of hybrid children but could also possibly somehow be a reference to prostitution. I am frequently given to Japanese men as prostitute.

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