Betelgeuze wants to teach me Pentagrams
May 29 2012

The following exchange took place either at night past midnight or in the early morning hours. I had been studying for an exam and trying to stay up all night, so I woke up here and there during the night to try to continue study. One of these times when I woke up I happened to think of the fact that I have still got those three Aleister Crowley books that I borrowed from a friend, and that I probably won't be reading any more in those and should return them to the friend who lent them to me so that I can have my more benevolent-feeling book about consciousness back from him in exchange.

That is when the black entity appeared. The one who had earlier told me that he was here to teach me how to use the Crowley rituals. On that earlier occasion this black demonic entity had instructed me that I must first make a "pentagram" on my bedroom floor before we can proceed with any of the rituals. At that time I did not know who this black entity was and I have not made a pentagram with him yet.

The same black entity appeared to talk to me and this time I learned of his identity. He is the same and only Betelgeuse/Betelgeuze/Malik, my Black Draconian! Hamish's boss, my King/Prince, and the same one who threw me around on the bed for having eaten four cinnamon buns that I shouldn't have.

May 29 2012, early morning hours
You were meant to have them, so sit down and read. - Betelgeuze
Yes Sir. - me, happy to hear such a thing from some real entity
And don't cry when we slap you around. - Betelgeuze
I love being slapped around. - me, it's fun because it's harmless and it's proof of their existence
No. Not fiercely. - Betelgeuze
Who are you? - me, as I did not know at this point
Betelgeuze. - Betelgeuze
Why should I read Aleister Crowley? - me
Because he was one of us. - Betelgeuze
So sit down and read! - Betelgeuze with Draconian rustle in his voice
Later, my Honored Malik. - me
.. I was going to teach you about the Pentagrams. - Betelgeuze
Thank you Malik, I look forward to that lesson, later on. - me
And you do not even know how to drive.. - Betelgeuze
So, ask and it is not given. - Betelgeuze
It usually is given to me. - me
So? Sometimes. - Betelgeuze
My King. - me happy about Malik paying me a visit
There. Stop this pen. - Betelgeuze (in other European language)
My Honored King! - me I throw random praise at him it pleases him
Give me your eggs! - Betelgeuze (in other European language)
You will reach far with us with scales. - Betelgeuze with Draconian rustle in his voice

That is a full conversation and is not an excerpt and nothing has been omitted for censoring purposes. It was rare in that it occurred in English, with the exception of a few sentences in the other European language that they use with me (which is my native language).

When I first met Malik/Betelgeuze several years ago, long before these Draconian contacts, he was the presence of an eery dark demonic entity standing by the bedside, and he had then said that his name was "Betelgeuze". Not knowing astronomy, I had assumed that it sounds like probably a typical demonic name. Later I have learned from him that he uses the name because Betelgeuse - being the star of Alpha Orion - as his name to show that he or the Draconians have conquered the Alpha Orion world and its inhabitants. For a while he wanted to be known as "Malik", which is Arabic for King or Prince, but he seems to now have reverted back to being Betelgeuze.

Betelgeuze is a bit creepy as a beast. He is a dark figure but when he shows himself clearly he is covered in beautiful black scales. He is a handsome Draconian, if you happen to find lizards and reptiles a bit attractive as animals. He has hands with five clawed fingers, and he has a tail. His breath has a distinctly pungent smell that smells like disease. In fact if Betelgeuze comes too close to me it makes my body feel ill and weak. But Betelgeuze has white eyes.

As a person I find Betelgeuze to be actually weak and humble in a way. He comes across as insecure, in that he is constantly seeking out confirmation and assurance from others. I would not call him fearless, since he is concerned a lot of how others see his position of dominance. He feels very cold, and he craves and needs "energy" or "sustenance" from other creatures, and that is why I've come to think of him as weak. There is something "frail" about him somehow. His strength seems to lie in his decision to be verbally offensive and cunning, yet his body, frame and radiance in itself gives off an impression of a character that is not as imposing or intimidating as his mind and intellect chooses to be.

Betelgeuze has a peculiar and sometimes to me amusing mind. He loves to think about ways in which to murder people, and he will every once in a while implant a random idea of his of the way in which I could be murdered or found dead. He seems proud and delighted at his random musings of this sort, these thoughts of his please him and come across as an expression of creative and abstract thought.

But as a person, I see Betelgeuze as someone who is charming and smooth. Now that I have gotten to know him, I do not fear him, though it took me a while to get that far. In the early beginning when he was just "Betelgeuze the black demonic entity by the bedside" I was very afraid and uncomfortable in his presence, but most of it was the fear of the unknown. Having a name and a personality and having gotten to know him, his behaviors and intentions are more predictable to me so that helps. And after all this time Betelgeuze has not injured me and I have also found out that they are not planning on having me killed, since I am their valued egg donor. So I can feel safety in that. And there was a time when Betelgeuze referred to me as "his treasure", and now he is wanting to teach me things, so I can think of him almost as a friend now. Even though a creepy friend at that.

But I like Betelgeuze. He is a cool character, and our interaction is good. We do not get into violent arguments or disputes. I understand what he says and what he means by the things that he says, so I do not have to interpret it in a human way. I know that what he does and what he says are expressions of the Draconian power structure. I actually appreciate having him pay me a visit, so long as he does not come too close because if he is too close then I feel physically ill and weak so I tell him to back of a little bit.

Yes Betelgeuze is strong and powerful and he can throw me around in bed. They call that "hitting", or in this conversation "slapping". They have yet to actually harm me with their hitting, so I do not fear it. Rather I greatly enjoy being lifted up and physically maneuvered by what is an extraterrestrial conscious intelligent entity, and a handsome black scaled Draconian at that. I take it as a privilege to not only experience such a close encounter and intimate interaction with a Draconian visitor from space, but to experience such an interesting display of the physical phenomenon of moving someone with the powers that they possess.

Other commentary

It was the Draconian Reptiles who mentioned Aleister Crowley to me. Prior to that I had never heard of him. And through mysterious circumstances, two days later I had three Aleister Crowley books. I suspect that the Draconians may have arranged for those books to find their way to me. The Draconians, I suspect, also once arranged for me to have dealings with a person under some Draconian activities that I will have to refer you to the books to read, so I think they can influence humans to get together and to do Draconian things on their behalf, such as bring Aleister Crowley books to a person.

I read the introduction to Portable Darkness and I have skimmed through only very few of Aleister's lines, but none more than that. I found his material to be very difficult for me to dive into, it feels like when you're trying to push oil into water and they just don't mix. I'm a Love and Light type of person and Aleister Crowley deals with the Satanic I believe, so those opposites are hard to mix.

So it is Malik/Betelgeuze who is the black demonic entity who is eager to teach me pentagrams and the Aleister Crowley rituals, and I find that absolutely fascinating, that here is this extraterrestrial non-human entity who is capable of all these highly intellectual activities, albeit those being of the dark and sinister nature.

A Pentagram - from what little I know of it - is a five-pointed star that practitioners of the occult would draw on the floor. I think the star has to point with its point facing down, and that you place candles on each of the five ends (though Draconians don't like candles). I think that a Pentagram is supposed to summon some dark entities and you read ritualistic texts in strange demonic languages. Those are my assumptions as I know nothing about it at this time.

It is interesting that this Crowleyan and demonic concept is being brought to me when it is the last thing in the whole world that should find its way to me. I have decided to allow Betelgeuze to help me draw the Pentagram on the floor and I will be curious to see what he does next. It should be impossible for me to dive into the dark side, but as an investigative scientist I find this cultural phenomenon, in particular as expressed by an extraterrestrial entity, quite fascinating. I will not lose my light or integrity nor will I become corrupted. Draconians have already since these contacts begun, tried to siege my character and mind and to fill it with sadistic and all manner of hellish expressions, but I have resisted them all and I remain untainted.

And it is true as he says that I do not yet drive. As for his comment on "Ask and it is not given", most of my books are on the Law of Attraction and I read in those often, in particular I consider the book that I traded with the friend for those three on Aleister Crowley, to be a part of the series of Consciousness and Law of Attraction. Law of Attraction basically states, as it says in the Bible, that "ask and it is given", that one can manifest from their thoughts and feelings any thing that they desire. The Law of Attraction is based on highly benevolent and loving intents, whereas the Crowleyan and Satanic - also perhaps based on wanting to acquire the things that one desires - unless I am mistaken, being based on pure selfishness or even at the expense of others.

I do enjoy my contacts with Betelgeuze and I find him an interesting character. It is fantastic how he has taken to me, how they invest with their time and want to share with me their world and their lives and the Reptilian Agenda. The Draconians teach me all about their historical conquests on Earth, and of their plans of ruling this world and all other worlds. I am humbled by the fact that they let me in so close to their life, and that they show me things and wish to teach me how to be one of their own. It is delightful and charming of them, given the fact that I am purely a Love and Light type of being and I even talk to them so much about Love and Light. Yet here we are, in friendship and acquaintance, and I get to see glimpses into their world.

Of course I would condemn some of their actions and behaviors if they were human, but I take a neutral and impersonal stance toward Draconian contact. I figure that I am not the one who is responsible for Draconian misbehavior (ie. murder, conquest of other races, torture, etc. all manner of unethical conduct). I do not encourage their ill-behavior, nor does my interactions with them induce them to more ill-behavior. My presence in their lives may even slowly or slightly bring them closer toward light and compassion, who knows. But this puts me in a point where I can observe and learn about them.

A lot of Draconian contactees go berserk with contempt and hatred toward the Draconians. Arguments and disputes arise. And contacts are severed or intolerable. And nothing is learned of one another. A lot of the UFO community will despise me for not being so damn hateful toward the Draconians, as I would be considered by humanity to be obliged to be. I can despise and cry about the things that they do to others, but I can approach this as a scientist and be neutral-tolerant and impartial and impersonal as I observe their acts.

Like the personnel who go to a crime scene investigation. If they were to just start crying and hating they could never investigate the crime scene to learn what exactly took place. The acts of violence have already taken place, and as the investigator you are absolutely not responsible nor should you need to entangle yourself into it emotionally.

I learn so much about the Draconians and their interesting cultural impact here on Earth. I am not one of them. I am terribly compassionate and loving as a person. I am a perfect vegan (doesn't eat anything from animals) except for occasional fish. But I approach my Draconians with tolerance and friendship, and they let me into their lives and I learn a lot about them.

May 29 2012, 2 PM EST
We are using it for sacrificing! - Betelgeuze says now
What do you sacrifice? - me
We start with living beings. - Betelgeuze
I would not do that. I think there is more life in them when they stay alive. You have to learn to draw life from the universe, rather than to prey on it as it evades a dying body. It will not be a permanent solution, and it leaves you humble and hungry. Whereas, drawing life force directly from the source that we access through Love and Light, puts you into an eternal source of happiness, life, and light, that you will not need to go to other creatures for your sustenance anymore. That is something I want to teach to you. - me
Yes, if we can rule with it. - Betelgeuze
Rule? How? - me
If we can rule people with it! - Betelgeuze
I don't know about that. - me
Then it doesn't make the cut for me. - Betelgeuze
Independence, is more powerful than ruling. Then you are not depending on others, for your well-being. And that is the greatest power of all. - me

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