Making Website Frames with the Draconians
June 04 2012

This is the website banner we were making and which is discussed here on this page!

I was making the website frames seen above with the yellow pyramid that is the Draconian power symbol. They have shown me the yellow pyramid many times and told me about what it means to them. The pyramid also has a creepy living eye above it, but I chose to go with the eye of Horus to tie to the Ancient Egyptian theme which the Draconians also are responsible for. The Draconians Hamish and Malik decided to butt in and had a lot to say about the frames I was making. I also went through a prototype version which had several Aleister Crowley verses about the Serpent King/God on it, but in the end I decided to go with the text it has now.

I write down everything they say. Yep. Phew. The below is translated from its original version in another European language, some parts were English as stated.

About 4:30 PM
Yes. - Hamish butts in just as I begin to draw the yellow pyramid
Yes!! We like that!! - Hamish about the pyramid

Is it because it honors me? - Hamish asks if that is why I am making their yellow pyramid
Yes, that's right. - me, sincerely so
Interesting. You want to show us our power. - Hamish
I want to make myself reminded of your power. - me
Imbecile. - Malik
Here's how it is: you are not allowed to give it to others. - Hamish about the pyramid
I won't be giving it to anyone. Only Draconians may have power. I am only going to look at it, and admire it. - me
It is to be shown with care. - Hamish
Yes my Honored Hamish. - me

Yes this will be interesting. When you will be showing it. - Hamish about the pyramid
I will honor you with it. - me as I place the Eye of Horus above the pyramid
Would you like to know which? - Hamish
"Which"? - me, he never answers

[My first name] you damn imbecile. - Malik cross about me making the pyramid
How so Malik my King. - me

I do not tremble before it. - Hamish about the pyramid
Yes, Hamish. "The Honored". - me

Yes. - Hamish is pleased, just as I Googled for a Draco star constellation
My Honored Hamish. - me out of sheer delight cause Hamish is so cute when he says his pleased "Yes"

Yes. It is where we come from. - Hamish in a good mood with his pleased voice so cute, just as I chose a starmap for the logo

Yes. You will honor me with that. - Hamish
Yes, Hamish the Honored one. - me
We don't need an interpreter for what you said. - Hamish
Yes, you know that bit by now. - me

Yes. We are honored by that. - Hamish

Does Hamish wish to pick a picture? - me asking if Hamish wants to select the space background for the logo
... If there is one here that Hamish likes. - me browsing for a space pic
We do not like that one. - Hamish doesn't like the one I chose
No, but I do. - me, I picked one to try

Japanese man is watching me carefully and at what I am doing. I am in the process of filling out every dot of the Draco constellation by hand.
Yes, we know what those dots are. - Japanese man in English
You are not making fun of us, it says. - Hamish
Hamish had brought in one of the Japanese men to see what I am doing, so that he can tell Hamish whether I am making fun of the Draconians with my use of their symbols. The Japanese man obviously told Hamish that no, it was ok.
No, she is not making fun of us. - unknown, I am still making the logo

We don't like when you play some music. - Malik in English
No my Honored Babe. - me in English, there was no music playing all day so far
But, congratulations! - Malik in English
We like the Cincti phrase. - Malik in English
In the original draft I had placed the Aleister Crowley phrases from Crowley's literary work Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente that mention the Serpent, on the logo. And Malik liked that. He said this just as I had gathered the quotes for placement on the logo.
So! Congratulations! - Malik in English
Thank you, my Honored! - me in English
Yes. You have quoted from Cincti. - Malik in English
It says that Serpents are God. - me

Just don't play any music with that. - Malik in English, ie. to not play music with the presentation of the logo
No Sir. - me in English
And! We must take your egg! - Malik in English
Go ahead, my Honored. - me in English
*This is too much for my head to handle.* - Malik in English
Malik was literally feeling too overwhelmed from all the goodness coming in all at once, what with Aleister Crowley's Cincti, me drawing honorary symbols of the Draconians, me Honoring him, AND him obtaining permission to harvest my eggs! Oh boy what's an overly pleased Draconian to do with himself!

What does it say? - Malik in English
It says that Serpents are the King. - me in English
And do you like that? - Malik in English
It's fun, yes. - me in English
I see Malik watching me closely. I laugh. He's cute.

Aleister Crowley is not make-believe! - Malik just as I proof-read the Crowley quotes

Hamish, may I listen to music? - me, I want to

You taste like chicken! - Hamish
LOL - me, I laugh out loud at that
... How yummy. - me
Which? Nutrition? - Hamish
Chicken. - me
Yes. - Hamish

We do not like your mouth, that is why we do not go inside of it. - Hamish
*Sigh! Hamish!* - me, joyous over Hamish's cute comments

I wouldn't say that if I were you. - Japanese man to me in English
Say what? - me in English

You damn idiot. - Malik
You damn stuck up type. - Malik
Wut? I've not said nuthin? What elicited this sudden remark?

"I am not a sexual sadist." Tell them that! - Malik in English
Malik wants me to say to you readers of this website, he is referring to himself. And true, I have not seen any sexual sadism in Malik for what it's worth.
I will tell them that, my Honored. - me in English

"I am not insane if I am an abductee." Tell them that! - Malik in English
Malik means for me to say to you readers about myself. He refers to all of my self-criticism regarding the authenticity of these contacts.
Thank you Malik. - me in English
You should know, that we are here. - Hamish
Thank you. - me
It depends on you, if you get to know. - Hamish
Thank you, my Hamish! - me

And here Hamish does something very funny but creepy. He shows me a mental image of himself and as if he had the severed off detached human hand in his hands, and he places the fingers of that dead detached hand in his mouth, he closes his mouth on the fingers, and bites into it, and I actually hear the snapping sounds as finger bones crisp and crack. Draconians love to show dramatic scenes of gruesome acts like that, but these images are often too bizarre to be all that frightening.
Yes, it is called murder. - Hamish uses the English word murder
Hamish!! - me

Your entire race, is a snack! - Malik uses English word snack
Yes yes. - me
You are nothing but, snacks! - Malik uses English word snacks
How yummy. I want to taste some too. - me, no not literally. I'm just being silly with the Draconians.
Do you want to? - Hamish seems to question my intentions
No thanks. Yuck how gross. - me
... ... LOL - me

You cannot find out more. - Hamish
Yes! Absolutely! - Malik
My boys. You are so cute. - me
I am not cute. - Malik
You have forgotten, to honor! - Malik
My Honored cute. - me
Yes. - Hamish, he does another image of human fingers crunching in his mouth

Then a Dinosaur shows up to see what I am doing and what I am eating and how I am feeling.
Yes, and now we will have disco. - Hamish
Hamish is dismayed as he sees that I now have some music playing even though at lowest volume setting so I can barely hear it. Hamish doesn't like music. They call my playing music "disco".
Do you think that we care about what you said! - Hamish about something that I thought
My Honored Hamish! - me delighted cause Hamish is so cute

Yes, we do not like disco. - Hamish
I do apologize my Honored! - me


Hamish talks a lot about "to tremble before" things. It means to be aware of the power in something, to the point of feeling the power. Sometimes it seems as if he means to "tremble out of fear", but sometimes it seems that he means "to feel the power", which instead is a thrill sensation. But Hamish talks a lot about "tremble before" things. When he says that he does not "tremble" before the pyramid or the eye above the pyramid, I think he is saying that he can handle the power system overall. I think it also means that the Draconian power structure is meant to be imposing, but Hamish is saying that he personally can handle it.

Another common phrase of expression that Hamish uses, is for things to "go across his mouth". It is a verbal threat, him saying basically that "I could eat you if I wanted to". Sometimes just for fun I tell Hamish that I want to go over his mouth. He never responds to that, as I'm sure he doesn't take me seriously, and true, it is not meant to be taken seriously. I'm just being fun with Ham-mish.

Malik and Hamish were not physically here in the room with me, but I could see them in telepathically transferred images. They are either here present but in a higher dimension, or they are remote viewing from afar (and a higher dimension), but they can clearly see what I am doing, when they want to.

The Japanese man was also not here present in person, but Hamish established for him a remote viewing and telepathy connection to see what I was doing and to be able to talk to me. Hamish works a lot with the Japanese Dragon Dynasty men in Japan and Hamish likes for me and the Japanese men to see each other and to talk. I've started hearing the Japanese men complain to Hamish that they don't want to see me all that often, that there really is no need. Hamish works quite busy in Japan, where the men refer to him as a "Dragon". But over here, Hamish is my Ham-mish, my beloved cutie pet whom I love and want to cuddle.

Just another day in the life of having some Draconian boys around. It's quite something.

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