General Patton and the MKULTRA thing
July 12 2012

I had just watched some videos on mind control and it had gotten me pretty scared, so I turn to my MKULTRA General Patton for some comfort and support. The contact is telepathic of course, or "mind transfer" as the men prefer to call it.

Warning. The below is a telepathic conversation between MKULTRA mind control staff and me their victim. It includes appearances of extraterrestrial entities who are also involved. MKULTRA is a tremendously horrifying scary subject and the exchange below can be upsetting to read.

12:38 midnight
General Patton! I have to talk to you! It's an emergency! :( - me I want to talk about MKULTRA and about how I am scared of it
Well, you don't want to get that tattoo. - General Patton, what? He saw me watch that video about Illuminati symbolism where I first learned about the butterfly, and there was an artist with a butterfly tattoo on her lower back
Are you a demon? Or are you a man? Are you a "handler"? - me
I have to talk to you! I'm scared! I am thinking, I have to leave MKULTRA. I don't want to do it, it is scary. - me
Well [my first name] you have got no choice with me. - General
But it scares me!! It is creepy. Have you seen the eye? Have you seen the creepy eye? It scares me! I don't want to do it! - me, I refer to the creepy Illuminati eye on top of the pyramid
Now, listen to me. We don't want to give you any more puzzle pieces. - General
I'm scared. - me
No, [my first name]. Don't be. - General
Why not? Why should I not be scared? Is it not dangerous? - me
It doesn't have to be. - General
But it's horrible! You have to help me! - me
I don't want to do MKULTRA! - me
I don't want to do it! - me
Why do I have to do it? - me
Well. Welcome to see me in your bed. - General

I don't want to do MKULTRA! It scares me! - me whine
.. Why do you want me to do it? - me whine
Why me? - me
Well, looks like you were not prepared. - General
You have to help me with it. I'm scared. Do they kill people? Are they going to kill me? - me
Well, that depends on what you do to us. - General
What would I do to get killed? - me
Why would you kill me? Am I in danger? - me
Are you going to kill me? - me
The MKULTRA? No. - General
What is going to happen. - me
We'll just take you down to the hospital a few more times. - General
In Syracuse? - me
Yes, that's where we have the battle. - General
What battle? What battle is it? Who is fighting? - me
Me and you. - General
Why do you fight with me? Why do you fight with me? - me
We want to see you, up here. - General
Can you help me with it. Would you help me? - me
... Can I ask you some questions? - me
Can you talk to me? Can you help me please? Talk to me? - me
We don't have guns at you. - General
Why do you say that? Are you going to help me now? - me
I'm scared. I don't know what's going to happen. What is going to happen? With MKULTRA? Why me? - me
The Rosicrucians do it too. - General
What do they do? - me
They make, mind weapons. - General
Why do you have a weapon on me? - me
I'm scared of the Rosicrucians. - me
Yes. You should be. - General
Are they going to hurt me? - me
Not if you join. - General
Why do I have to join? What if I'm scared. - me
Well, General Patton isn't here for you. - General
You have to help me General Patton. I'm scared. You have to explain this to me. I'm not understanding. - me
... I don't want to do something Satanic. I want to be a Light Being. - me
I want to be... like an Angel. I want to work with Healing. - me
Well, we can't help you with that. - General
Help me General Patton. Why did you join? - me
Well? Heh. - General
Why did you join, the MKULTRA team? - me
Well, because there were pretty women for me here! - General
Really? Is that why you joined them? - me
Yes, the benefits outweigh the risks. - General
What kind of benefits? What benefits? Do you get money and women? And what are the risks. - me
So? Your nervousness (...). - General
*deep breath* I have some good questions for you. - me
Yes? Hon. - General
Do you know about the black monster? The Satan? Have you seen him? Have you seen the black creepy monster? I have questions for you! - me
... Are you working with aliens? - me
Do you work with Draconians? - me
No. - Hamish says clearly with a Draconian accent with the grunt-pur sounds in it, other European language Hamish! My Hamish! - me happy
Yes. We collect your eggs. - Hamish
Hamish! I love Hamish! - me happy

General Patton, I'm scared! - me
Why would you be here with us, if you weren't? - General
I don't know. Do I have to be scared? - me
Well, you are, aren't you? - General
Not really. I'm actually quite brave. - me
Do you want me to be scared? Because you're always asking me if I'm scared. And I always say no to you. Do you want to scare me? Are you going to help me instead? Is this mind control? - me
Well, if it isn't.. - General
What is it? - me
We don't want you to join now. - General
When do you want me to join? - me
When you're not a human being. - General
What? Did you know about my Arcturians? Listen General Patton. Am I a Starsoul? Or did you guys do that through dissociation? Did you guys make me think that I'm a Star Person? - me
Well? Tell me! Can I come to the hospital again? I want to see you. It was so much fun. - me, not really, but interesting and provides me with the answers

I am seeing an Illuminati hybrid dressed in a black suit. He works in US government, judging from the symbolism I see around him.

... General Patton? - me
"Yeah, we haven't removed her!" - General to someone else or someone to General, two human men
Why was I raped? Why was that done to me? In the abduction? - me
.. By what means do you abduct me? How does it happen? - me
Well, you are a little girl (no more). - General
What did you say? - me
We make you, unfocused. - General
So you do that? Is that why I can't concentrate? - me
I don't want to live that way. - me
Don't say, Satan, and that you are scared. - General
Why not? Is there no Satan involved? Well? - me

I see the same Illuminati hybrid again. This one is not one of my "two brothers", this one is more slender. No hair. Sharp teeth. That kind of thing. He seems calm and ok, just listening in and making his presence known.

I'm scared of MKULTRA. I don't know if I want to do it. - me
We haven't drugged you before, but we're about to. - General
What drugs? - me
Well, you stuck up little bitch with me. - for some reason I don't know if this was General Patton

1:03 AM. Ok, I'm going to sleep.

And? What do you want to do with the Russians? - General just as I was about to switch off and leave
I don't know what to do with them? - me
Would you like to take them to bed? - who? Maybe the IM hybrid said
Why would I do that? Do they want to do that? - me
Yes. We have many men here that do. - General
That would be nice. I would like that. - me
So, you stuck up little girl. - General Patton, ok so it was him earlier
Why am I stuck up? - me
Because, you are like butter in our fingers. - General
What does that mean? - me
"Give her one good reason not to get out." - General
Who are you talking to? Are you talking to that, white man? - me, I realized General Patton wouldn't know who I meant by Illuminati hybrid
So, you want to come here. - the doctor of Radiology, I don't know if he's ever spoken to me before, he is wearing his hospital clothes, wait, what time zone are they in?
I want to go to the hospital. And wake up there. Then I want to know what's going on. - me
Fine. Suit yourself. - doctor

... I need someone to help me. Please help me understand. I need to, understand. - me
I don't want this to be like this. I need some help. - me
Help me out. - me
Well, you are not like butter right now. - General
Help me. Please. Then I can do MKULTRA for a while. *But just for a little bit.* - me
... The Russians wanted you here. - General
What do they want me for? What can I do for them? - me
You were provided with, for them. - General
What does that mean? What can I do there? What would I do with the Russians? - me
They also have an MKULTRA. - General, I felt such a relief and such a weight lifted off me when hearing this, for some reason it made more sense, it seems more down to earth, less alien and "out there" and spacey, and ties together the Russians with the US team so that I can understand, it was great to hear. Because it makes sense somehow. It was a relief, a great relief, because it is understandable.
What do they call their MKULTRA? Why are you guys collaborating? - me
Because we exchange women. - General
Why do you exchange women? - me
We have to. - General
Why do you have to exchange women? - me
Because of their blood drinking. - General or someone else, ok now I was shown the white creepy lizard Ivan with blood in his mouth on his lips
That creepy monster! He is creepy! He bit me once, and he drank my blood from my mouth! I was so scared! He hurt me! I don't want to do this anymore! Please help me! - me
Well, we don't want to train you, if you just want to be with us *a little bit*. - General, quoting me
But? You invested so much time? Are you going to let me go? - me
No!! - General, not angry
Why not? What if I have to leave? - me
Are you going to help me then? To understand? What is going on? And what is that white monster! - me
Please leave me alone now! - General
I don't want to leave!! - me, pleading

... General Patton? ... Sargent Wilkes? Anyone? MKULTRA team? Is anyone there? Who is working right now? - me
No one is here to assist you. - one of the men
I need someone to talk to me! - me
Do you remember what happened last time? - one of the men maybe Derek
What happened? - me
.. I can't do this anymore!! - me
Why? What makes it so hard? - General I think or Derek maybe
The dark energies! I want light in my life! I'm tired! The black monster is bleeding me dry of energy! He is so satanic and evil! I don't like it anymore! I don't like the black ones! I don't want blood drinking, I don't want [censored], I don't want all of this nonsense! I am so tired of it! I want something else! - me
What was that last thing you said? - the other man, maybe Derek
... I said that it was nonsense. - me
Remember the name Katya. - one of them

My whole life I've thought that I was a Russian woman named Katerina or Katya for short in a past life, living in Sanct Petersburg in the 1600's, with an uncle who was a Russian diplomat. That has been my Russian connection, why I've loved Russia so much. But, what is going on?

I don't understand! Why do Russians need. Oh and please keep that white monster away! Please keep him away!! - me, the last bit with some urgency
I AM SCARED!! - me
"No, I don't want her as my wife." - General to someone, aha! That is why I was thinking I was going to marry General Patton! They, "they", are trying to hook us up!
Why would you marry me? What is going on? - me

Whoa! "If you can hear me", General Patton said, while he possessed my left arm to rest against my lap and my right hand to caress my left forearm stroking it gently

.. Were you touching me, with my own arm? How did you do that? - me, I really don't want to ask, because, for some reason the mechanics of this makes sense and requires no further explanation or inquiry

Ok, so he is here now, close. I can see him looking at me.

Why can I see you? What is going on? Why are you here? MKULTRA? - me
We are no racists, but we enjoy what we do. - the IM hybrid perhaps, otherwise one of Zetas or their Zeta hybrids (Zeta hybrid is not the same as Illuminati hybrids), I will choose to ignore him, I don't want to talk to them. In other European language.

I don't understand anything. - me other language
Yes, but you don't have to become stuck up! - the white lizard lady, other language

... I have to get out of this. I have to get out. I have to leave! - me
I'm leaving this. All of it. All of the MKULTRA, the aliens, the hybrids, all of it. *Except not for my Hamish.* - me, I want to keep Hamish, if I could. He is so adorable.

If we are not, an alien loving team. - General
Are you saying that I am an alien? - me
Well? Why do you think that you hear my voice? - General, with or without "that"
So. I am an alien. How did that happen? - me
The Russians wanted to speak with you too. - General
Ok.. - me, nervous about the white monster
.. What do the Russians want to say. - me, scared of the white monster appearing, I would scream and run out into the streets. My US team never had a monster.
So, let's talk about my alien, or me being an alien. What kind of alien is it? - me
We were hoping you would know? - General
Well, it's an Arcturian. Why is that a problem? Don't you like Arcturians? - me
Perhaps, or maybe not. - General
Why is that an issue? - me
Well? Would you take me to bed? - General
Is he referring to me being in bed, because that is when and where he almost always does the conquests, something which I've come to calling "tackles" because of the brutal nature of it. I am sitting by the desk right now, typing.
So what about my alien. What do you need to know about it? What is going on? - me
Why is it even an issue? Tell me what is going on? - me
You won't be locked up. - General
Why not? And why would I? - me
How did you know about my Arcturian? - me
It was seeded there. - General
By whom? Who did that to me? And why? What has been the purpose? - me
Did you create it through dissociative personality disorder? Do you guys do MKULTRA mind control that way? Is it an alter personality? Or is it real? - me
We don't want to discuss that with you. - General
Why did you think you and me were getting married? - General
I don't know. I'm sorry, that's probably offensive to you. - me
... Would it happen? - me
Yes, of course. - General
Really?? Really! Oh my goodness! I would love that! :) - me
Yes, that's how we initiate you to the MKULTRA. - General
Is it symbolic or real? - me
General Patton is not here for you. - General I think it was
Why not? - me
We are not answering any more questions. - General
Why not. - me
Tell me about the alien! That is me! Tell me! - me
We don't want to ruin your life with it. - General
It has already been ruined. It can only be saved at this point. - me
Well, they are like our dolls. - General
A doll? What kind of doll? MKULTRA mind control, doll? Is that what it is? - me

General Patton just overlapped himself with my body and I was really close to him. He seemed to be giving me a comforting gesture, to let me know that he was here, almost like the equivalent of putting a hand on someone's shoulder for support. It was nice, though a bit creepy, and I notice how good they are at entering into my realm. How do they do this? Is it done with alien technology? I kind of wish it was "just" the human MKULTRA mind team, and not some alien intervention. And I sure as hell wish that the Russian white monster was just a dream, a terrible dream that never happened and never could happen again. I swear if he shows up again I am going to cry and run to the streets.

Tell me about the alien in me. Where does that come from? - me
Tell me? - me
Now, look, listen here. - another US member, an older man, with light-brown hair
Who are you? Are you Sargent Wilkes? - me
Am I causing trouble? - me
I don't want to do MKULTRA. I've decided against it. - me
You don't get to decide. - the older man
Why not? Why can't I choose? - me
Because we are not dumb. - General
Why would you not let me choose? - me
Well? Look at the war in Iraq. - General
Yes. You told me that it was a cover for alien invasion. The aliens were going to make their presence known, and the war was put in place to cover the UFOs with weapons and warfare. - me
... The aliens have told me that they are not allowed to fly over Iraq. - me
Yes, because we have weapons there. - General
And? What do you need me to do? - me
What can I do for you? Are you trying to recruit me? - me
What do you need me to do? What can I do there? - me
The military wants you to serve them, you guessed it right. - General
And what kind of work would I be doing? - me

The talk about wordly things, somehow makes me comforted and lets me make the memory of Ivan fade away.

Tell me about my alien. What does it mean? Where does it come from? And how did you know? - me
The Russian team members want to speak to it. - General
What do they want to say? - me
If you are, looking at us, it means that you are one. - Russian
Why? Am I hallucinating this? Is this in my mind? Am I crazy? - me
No! You are not! - General, just as I was about to switch off with the comforting thought that, after all, this had all been in my mind, and I could go to sleep with that rest assured
I don't understand. Please help me understand. - me
You are not a violent one. - General
No? Of course not. - me
We are violent here. - General

Ok, and with that I end this. It is 1:36 AM and I don't like where this is going. So, good night!

The Russian team wanted to say something. - General
Yes? - me
We are here to help you. - Russian
Ok. Talk to me. Tell me what is going on. - me

Silence. So much for that.

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