General Patton sells me as a remote viewer
of satellites to the Russian team and forwards me
to Russian Mr. Biltjev, who says that it is the American way
July 27 2012

I had another good talk with General Patton today, who appears to be my MKULTRA handler, or trainer to be more exact. He is "training" me, via "mind reprogram", to "join the MKULTRA team", so that I can work for the Russians.

The below are excerpts from my telepathic conversations with General Patton, and a Russian Mr. Biltjev. The full version is a bit too personal to publish here, but will be available in my book. The book will be called "The Battle at Syracuse" which is in the making.

Read this like one would a fictional novel, because, even though I have not deliberately invented this story, it is a little bit offensive and hard to accept. Yet I'm proud to be offering this to you all here because there is a lack of coherent documentary about the MKULTRA phenomenon, which appears to be ongoing.

Friday July 27 2012, at 3:07 PM
I will kill you if you speak with me! - General Patton
We will now put you in a haze. - General Patton
Where you don't know what is going on. - General Patton
General Patton is working from an office presumably in Syracuse. When he visits he does remote viewing to see me and that establishes a connection where I see him too. He speaks to me telepathically, and I have learned how to speak to him. So it is a remote connection.

The Russian handler wasn't here was he? - General Patton
Do not look at them. - General Patton
Do not SPEAK! - General Patton
I had a dream last night where I met two different men. There was an element to the dreams that made them seem like MILABS abductions, ie. military abductions. Human military and other personnel can use alien abduction technologies which relocate a person to somewhere else and where they have direct interaction and contact with the person. Sometimes I am fully awake in those, at other times "in a haze", sometimes partly dreaming partly seeing them, and sometimes I fall asleep and start dreaming, but the men will still be there, crisp and clear and not part of the dream, to varying extents. Don't ask me how they do it.

When General Patton here says "Do not look at them" I was being shown a scene in my mind where I am treated as if I were a dog and at a dog show. You know the kind of dog shows where you show up a pedigree and make them run and stand on a table for display. I have a white velvet collar with diamonds in it around my neck and a leash and General Patton is holding the leash. General Patton is wearing his dark suit same one that he works in from the office. There is an audience of people around the room in the darkness and they are high ranking military officers.

I was watching this scene in my mind and wondering whether I was imagining it and trying to look around in the image and then General Patton tells me not to look at the military officers who are in the surroundings. Also when he said "Do not SPEAK!" I had not said anything, or I would have written down what I had said too.

The scene of being in a room with high ranking military officers standing around the edges of the room in the dark reminds me so much of when I was a teenager and they did electric shock treatment through the top of my left hand and nobody helped me get up from the floor, and there were high ranking military officers in the same way.

We have made films with you, for the Russians. - General Patton

We have this ready for you! - General Patton, not angry
He shows me a mental image of the white velvet collar with diamonds around it. For the past several days I have been seeing mental images of this white velvet collar with diamonds, especially images of me wearing it around my neck. It looks like a collar you might give to a cat like a pet's collar. But it is very lavish and expensive-looking, well goodness it is covered in diamonds! It didn't take long for me to grow very fond of this image, to the point where I had to wonder was it me who had invented this in my mind or was it being given to me from somewhere else?

Weeks before I ever saw the collar I was shown how the Russians pay the US MKULTRA team in diamonds. I am starting to think that the Russians are paying the US team for me in diamonds. Are they going to make me an actual collar with these actual diamonds in it? Phew! That makes a girl feel very special, and expensive! A lot of goods are traded among these groups but I have never seen "money" used as payment. Instead they trade a lot with women prostitutes, drugs, and diamonds.

We wanted to put you up for a show. - General Patton

.. You won't be voice steered with me anymore. You are with him! - General Patton
General Patton shows me a mental image of one of the men I saw in my dreams last night. It is a young man, he must be in his 20's. The only other 20-something team member I have ever met in my 16 years with the team is Andrew. I did not recognize this young man whom I saw in my dream, and now from General Patton. So he is with the Russian team.
"Yes! She is very sweet and gentle." - General Patton says to the Russian young man

... We need some black coffee after this. - General Patton
"Yeah, she doesn't know that she was raped." - General Patton
Actually, I remember it. - me
The young man in the dream last night had sex with me. I hate to be honest but it was great. I'm not complaining. These men have gotten me so used to it that it isn't even strange anymore. Years ago in the beginning I was an upset mess after I woke up from a MILABS like that. But by now I'm indifferent.
You won't dominate me, I will speak to you! - General Patton

You will be displayed up, like at a circus. - General Patton
Why? When? - me, as you can see I'm not very talkative, because General Patton has told me not to SPEAK!
When can I go there? - me
When you are with me, you will go there. - General Patton

This is me and Gillespie by the way. - General Patton
Hi Gillespie! It's nice to see you again! - me

I have images through my mind of me living with an abusive man, he treats me as if I were an animal, like a dog, and while I live with him I am not allowed to speak, and he beats me up regularly.
You are in no danger by the way. - General Patton

"What a caring pet." - General Patton possesses my body, he caresses my left hand fingers with my right hand gently
I do think you need to see me after school. - General Patton
Why after school? - me

Do not sleep now! We are here! - General Patton
I'm awake. What is going on? - me
Are you going to get arrested? - General Patton
What is, arrested? - me
To be, succumbed to me! - General Patton
I would want to do that. - me

More images run through my mind. In it, I am kneeling naked on the floor before him. I am wearing the white collar with diamonds. He has one hand on my chin and with his other hand he puts a drug pill in my mouth on my tongue. The pill is large and flat circular, I think it's pink in color. It reminds me of one of the three different types of drug pills that Ivan had on the palm of his hand.

The interesting thing is that I am very anti-drugs. I am the last person who would ever take drugs, I hardly take Aspirin when I need one for a headache because I'm worried about chemicals. I don't understand why I would imagine scenes where I am taking a drug? Are these images coming from General Patton to me?

We will train you with obedience. - General Patton

Another image appears in my mind. In it I am like a girl puppet on his lap, he is steering me my thoughts and my body. He holds me like one would a doll.
It will need to be done delicately! - General Patton

Do not SPEAK. - General Patton
.. This is better than having to kill you. - General Patton
Why would they kill me? - me
You will be trained. - General Patton

Watch out for yer eyes there, they're pretty big. - General Patton about my ET's eyes
For my whole life I've thought of myself as an alien entity in a human body. This ET identity is very important to me, but in recent times since General Patton appeared and was talking about the MKULTRA, I had to wonder whether my ET identity is in fact an alter deliberately created by the MKULTRA team?

From what I've read about the MKULTRA Project they use trauma to cause a person's mind to shatter and to create a new personality. This separate identity is one that the MKULTRA can shape, control and use. I definitely have - and always have had - two me's. The ET me has indeed got very big eyes. General Patton has since he appeared been very fixated by this ET person of mine, and he asks to talk to her, to that ET part of me, directly.

I've wondered how General Patton would have known such an intimate thing about me as my ET identity which I've hidden from everyone else? Yet in all those images where I am with General Patton, and now with the diamond collar, it is my ET identity that he is with. Also as the doll on his lap.

Do you wanna know something? You are not scared, are you? - General Patton
I am not scared. - me

So. The Russians will need you too. - General Patton
"I would, for instance, not make her cry." - the young Russian man

So, the Russians need a new slave. - General Patton
Hamish brought you in to us. - General Patton
I love Hamish! - me delighted to think of Hamish the Red Dragon

... So, Miss July, are you in yet?! - General Patton
For a long time, actually ever since team member Jack appeared perhaps just a bit more than a year ago, they have been referring to me as "Miss July" and I've always wondered what. This time around when he says it, I have to wonder whether he is referring to my ET identity alter? It seems that General Patton is asking to talk to my ET self, asking if I have switched to her yet. So at this point I switch to my ET alter and I see a mental image of her, with her big eyes, in my mind. He seems to notice that, and he says,
Yes, there you are, Sugar. - General Patton
I make another attempt at "incarnating", or switching to my ET alter.
.. You spoke again. - General Patton, I had said nothing, but I had switched
Wait till we take you in, to our brothel. - General Patton, he shows me a mental image of this
You are not very pleasant to deal with, are you? - General Patton
Miss Arcturian. - General Patton
How did you know? - me
We trained it about! - General Patton
Did you create it? - me
Why wouldn't you be here without it, otherwise? - General Patton

Now, the Russians have an in on this. - General Patton
On what, in on what. - me
This is, Syracuse. - General Patton
New York? Is it Syracuse, New York? - me

In my notes I write, "Why do I want this, more than anything? Why am I falling into it, and finding it so soothing and comfortable? Why does General Patton mean the world to me? Does he know, and what would happen, if I told him?"
General Patton... - me, I'm afraid to tell him in case that he takes it away
So, what are all those pills, you might ask? - General Patton, he shows me a mental image of me with one of those pills on my tongue
What is it? - me
Mind control. - General Patton answers immediately

Here I censor some personal exchange between me and General Patton. I intend to put it all in my book though because this is history and the book and my story will outlive me and any embarassment that either me or General Patton might have.

Do you remember the dinner service? - General Patton
He thinks of an image of the dinner I walked into at the hospital in Syracuse during my conscious abduction there, where I found a whole entire dining room filled with high ranking military men who each had a woman with them as a date. All of the women were unconscious and the men were feeding them with the fork because they couldn't eat for themselves. The women were like puppets or dolls and they were dressed in nice gowns. Meanwhile I wasn't in on the party, I was dressed in hospital clothes and socks, and I made my way past all the dining tables and escaped out, until whom I think was General Patton and Sargent Wilkes caught up to me outside. Read about it here The Battle at Syracuse.
Yes Sir! I remember it. - me
Good. Good. - General Patton
And would you like to be back? - General Patton
Yes I would. I want to be back there. - me
He moves my body for me. It makes him feel so close.
.. I would keep you here, you see. - General Patton
I remember you at your house. - me, there is more I want to tell him, but I can't
He is close. He moves my body again.

[My first name], you sure are a good-looking one! - General Patton
As are you. - me, he really is handsome
So, would you meet me for a dinner. - General Patton asks
I would want nothing more. - me, delighted

You won't be track listed. - General Patton
What's a track list? - me
We keep track of you. - General Patton

He possesses my left hand, puts it on the right side of my face, like a caress. I enjoy it.
You know about the Battle at Syracuse now. - General Patton

My notes: "He is so handsome. I remember from the Syracuse abduction over at his house."

No, you are never going to be marrying me. - General Patton
Why not? - me, I really want to

My notes: "ZOMG! He had an image of me in a white bridal gown!"
No, you see, I am already married. - General Patton
He caresses the back of my head and my hair with my left hand.
I haven't felt like this in a long time. - General Patton
I have never felt like this before. - me

... I wish I could. - me, I don't say what I wish
Well, let's just see what happens after this Summer. If you are ready after the Battle at Syracuse. - General Patton
... I wish. - me, I want to marry General Patton but I'm too afraid to say it
Yeah, let's wait till after Summer. - General Patton
Then what? - me
We will have trained you! - General Patton, not angry
Will I meet you then? - me
You already are. - General Patton
In person, I mean. - me
Will I go to Syracuse? - me
Well, that depends on one thing. If you are ready to join the MKULTRA. - General Patton

I almost tell him he is handsome.
Yeah, we will have some balloons for you. - General Patton he thinks of an image of a room filled with balloons
"Yeah, you know, I bet my wedding ring, this one won't join MKULTRA." - General Patton
... Why would you bet your wedding ring on it? - me
Well, because. This one was meant for you. - General Patton looks at his wedding ring on his finger

"Am I dreaming this?", I write in my notes, then, as if the General had heard me, he says,
No. You were trained for this. By the MKULTRA. - General Patton

"Oh my God! I would die and go to heaven!", I write in my notes.
Well, you know, I'm not very romantic. - General Patton
And I would have to start, by getting you a lot of jewelry. - General Patton

You wanna know something? - General Patton
What is it, General Patton? - me
We would play you a little music box. - General Patton
Why? - me

We won't brush your hair for you. - General Patton
"Yeah! We can't really train her to track the enemy!" - General Patton

You won't be here while you are in school. - General Patton

Our strongest soldiers don't have any arms! - General Patton, he had a thought image of the fact that my arms have no strong or big biceps muscles

"Well, we can't lock her up." - General Patton
We have some professions for you here, and if you join, you won't get locked up. - General Patton
[My first name], some professions. - General Patton

"She really is, a Miss July." - General Patton
What is Miss July? What is it? - me
[Censored, find it in the book I guess]

We will rewire your brain for me! - General Patton
When will you do that? - me
Do you wanna be like a Miss kitty then? - General Patton, thought of a white cat, as opposed to a dog
I would love that. - me
... Sometime after Summer we will come for you. - General Patton
Do you promise? Will you really? Finally? - me

... We were thinking, whether a dog would be better. - General Patton
What do you think is better? - me
An alien gurl. - General Patton
We will mold you to suit my purposes. - General Patton
Why do I want nothing other? - me
We will speak to you when you are in our car, and then not. - General Patton
And! Welcome to MKULTRA! - General Patton

... Do you promise? - me
And, we will feed you with some wine! - General Patton, not angry, he thinks of an image of me drinking from a large glass of red wine

Space Girl. You are mine now. - General Patton

Why do I (love you so much?) - me, I stopped myself from saying
What is happening? - me
You are mine now, Gurl. - General Patton
I want to be yours. - me
Why are (you irresistible.) - me, I stop myself from saying

You are precisely, what we want here. - General Patton
(I want you too.) - me
He thinks of an image of me in white lingerie. He has done that before too. It's real pretty. I've never owned anything so gorgeous.
How beautiful! That is so pretty. I love white. - me

From my notes: "OMG. I'm gonna die and melt. He is watching me now, so handsome, his eyes."

"No I am not." - General Patton says to some man there and tightens his tie like in a sign of irritation

[Seriously censored stuff]

Are you scared? - General Patton
No. - me
You should be. - General Patton

(I want you. Oh my God I would just die! He is so gorgeous.) - me
He gives me a suggestive image of us two.
I would want nothing more, than to be doing that. - me
Well, I guess Miss Kitten is more appropriate. - General Patton
Are they trying to assign me with an identity that is like a cat or a dog? And now he is trying to decide which one is more appropriate? The pet-owner relationship seems appropriate to the MKULTRA situation and are they trying to instill that into me?

"Why you son of a bitch!" - General Patton to another man in the office. I've never seen this side of him, angry like that, which reveals to me that he actually uses a gentler side of him to me, because he has never flared up mad like this to me. It makes me think of him as gentle.

Another dream showed up in my mind. In it me and him are getting married. And here in reality he grabs my left wrist with my right hand and holds me like that for a while. When he possesses me and controls my body and he uses my hands to caress me with (he never caresses me sexually by the way) it really is soothing and comforting as if he were doing it. He then says,
Yes, you will be like my pet. - General Patton

You will be trained by me. - General Patton
What will you train me for? - me
Secret Naval operations. - General Patton
Will it be mind control? Will it be mind control? - me
Well, you guessed it! - General Patton
Do I have to kill people? - me, I ask because I've been reading about the MKULTRA
..... Only with the Russians. - General Patton
I don't want to kill people! - me
We will give you that. - General Patton thinks of the drug pill on my tongue again
... I don't want to kill anyone! - me
Ssh, don't tell the Russians. - General Patton
I don't want to! - me

"Yes, she is an alien woman. Yes, she can see into the future." - General Patton
So, a Russian satellite needs to be watched. - General Patton
No. I don't want to do it. It's boring! - me, I was unhappy to change the subject from lovelife with my General Patton to some stupid boring Russian satellites, it really killed a mood I - or we - were in.
"No. We won't pay." - the Russian young man to General Patton
... So I'm useless? - me, hopeful
No. Not yet. - General Patton

"No. We don't want men." - Russian man to General Patton; when he says it he has a strong Russian accent so when he says "men" it sounds like "mjen" or "mjien", which is because when Russians read the letter "e" they actually have it in their alphabet and it reads like "je". Adorable.

I won't tell you this, because this will sound horrible. - General Patton
You are with the Russians now. - the Russian man
*Boring satellites.* - me, I mumble displeased and bored!
Don't call satellites boring. They provide help with our interests. - the Russian man
We have already signed all of the papers. - Russian man, again he has an accent and "papers" sounds like "papjiers"
.. The Russian's name is Biltman. - General Patton
Yes, Biltjev. - Russian man Biltjev

*"Biltjev"... Why do they get paid, and I have to do all the work!* - me, I'm thinking to myself, why does the US team get paid and I don't get paid and I have to work
Because, it is the American way. - Biltjev

So here's what I think of this so far. I am either an authentic ET incarnation with real psychic provess and the MKULTRA team want me to work for them. Or that the MKULTRA have created in me an ET alter with which they can enhance psychic abilities in me and use me for their purposes. There is prostitution involved, for instance in a military abduction last night, I think I had sex with Mr. Biltjev (was great, I am not complaining).

The team has also started using symbolism, making me be either like a cat or a dog, a pet, for my handler/trainer General Patton, and sometimes he wants me to be like a puppet or doll on his lap. Later when I was cooking, General Patton showed me a mental image of a theatrical scene and him sitting on stage and me being a puppet on his lap. It's like a ventriloquist. I'm sure this is very typical MKULTRA symbolism.

Why do I feel so strongly about General Patton and want to marry him? And why was he bringing it up too? Are we really going to be getting married? How common is it for MKULTRA handlers to marry their "puppets"? It sure would open a trust in me for him, but I already feel that trust because the feelings are already there.

There is an incredible intense connection between me and General Patton and I'm sure that it's mutual. I must say I've never felt this strong of an attraction to any man before in my life. So why is this happening now? And with General Patton? There is definitely sparks between us, I would marry him in a heartbeat and worship and adore this man for the rest of my life and be the best wife that anyone could be.

I'm not convinced that it's part of the mind control. It seems real and it's very special. But it could be circumstancial too, for instance when he does mind control of my body it is in itself a very intense and intimate and potentially sexual experience. But I have been handled by other team members too and I've never felt a connection or an attraction to those men. General Patton is special, and if he was the man I saw at the house after the Syracuse abduction, then he is the most handsome man in the whole world.

So I have to watch some Russian satellites and I don't get paid because it's the American way. Thanks Mr. Biltjev!

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