UFO Blog 1

September 09 2013

The first night of UFO watching retold here

September 11 2013

The sun has almost set and it's going to be an almost clear sky.

I wanted to go look too. - says Hamish my resident red Dragon Turtle, in the other language
Do you want to go watching UFOs? - me
Yes, and have they seen my tail? - says Hamish and turns around showing me his tail
I have seen your tail, Hamish. It is a nice tail. - me
I wanted to say Hello to them. - Hamish
Hamish? What races are up in the UFOs? Where do they come from? - me
Can I say Hello to them first. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. You can. I don't know where they are. I wanted to go outside at night to look for them. Sometimes they come around. - me
Have they seen this. - Hamish about his back shield, which signifies power and rank
I have seen your back shield. - me
They cannot impregnate you, without me there. - says Hamish with mental image of impregnation with semen

I am feeling tempted to go outside to look for the UFOs. Apart from the other night I haven't been out for 15 years or so. I am feeling the same tingle in the pit of my stomach that draws me to go out. In fact, it was the Aliens who called me out for UFO watching the very first night on August 13 1997 (and yes I remember the date!) when I saw my first ones. Are they calling me out again? Since I connected with them mentally two nights ago?

Dear UFOlogists, do you get abducted at nights? Do

No. They are not our captors. - says a Zeta
Hello. Are you from Zeta? - me
We are here for your eggs. Nothing else. - me
We are here for fish! - Hamish happy and excited, he likes fish. Now he shows them his back hump.

Are UFOlogists able to summon the UFOs? Do they get great footage at nights? Do the Aliens hear them telepathically, like they hear me? Do UFOlogists draw the attention

No, but we used to take cattle. - the Zeta says
What kind of... Why did you take cattle? - me
For experimentation! - says the Zeta
That is unethical. Those cows were harmed. Would I be safe with you? - me
The Zeta shows me a mental image that "safe", well, I would get a plastic tubing inserted down my nose.
A gastric! - the Zeta clarifies about the tube
Most humans don't like it. - the Zeta says about the tube

So if I want to go outside to see the UFOs. Does that make me a victim? A target? Will I be harmed and used by these Aliens? Is my naive desire to watch Alien spacecraft, a worthy of a cause to neglect my utter fear of going out into the woods at night fearing to run into dangerous humans or being trampled by an elk or deer, and the danger of becoming subject to Alien experimentation. Watching UFOs is not some

We don't want you to come here, if you don't want to meet us. - Zeta says
I want to meet you, it's just that I've had some terrible experiences - me interrupted
Would you recount them for me? - Zeta
My own team of Aliens can be sometimes rude. They call me dog and they threaten to hit me with a bat! And they force me to do sexual things with the hybrids. - me
Oh no. We would only take the eggs. - Zeta
And, would you let me - me interrupted
We don't want you to come here asking her to recount. - Hamish says to the Zeta, approximately
... Would you let me stay awake during the contact? - me
No. Not when you come aboard. Because, we have a snake here, that doesn't let you! - Zeta shows me a green Reptilian that they have
Hello Snake. Nice to meet you. - me
Don't. Stop with the pleasantries. - the green Snake says
I already have a team of Aliens. My eggs have already been promised to Hamish. So I can't give eggs to you both. I am sorry, but I am already taken. - me
I am yours, you should say. - the green Snake man says
... Are you from Alpha Draconis? - me
I am from my eggs. - Snake says
I am from, Alpha Thetis. - Snake
I have heard that place mentioned before. Where is Alpha Thetis? Earth Astronomy doesn't seem to recognize a star called Alpha Thetis. Where is it, abouts? Who lives there? - me
The Santinians don't call us benign. - Snake
I wouldn't call you benign either. - me
For instance, I could take your foot off. - Snake says before I finished my sentence, and indicated to my right foot
I will need both feet thank you. But I acknowledge the threat and show of dominance and power. - me
The threat. Yes. - Snake says and shudders because he likes these things
I am happy to meet you. From Alpha Thetis. - me
We eat your little ones. - says Snake and his eyes close and he shudders from pleasure again
Can't you find something else to eat? Something that isn't a living breathing being? Something that isn't a child, such as a fish? Did you ever taste fish? Well? - me
We especially like the boys. - says their green Snake and his eyelids are closing, and I know that to mean a smile
I'm not sure I want to go UFO watching anymore. Thankfully the clouds are covering the sky so I don't even have to think about it. I'm not sure I want to give my children for someone from Alpha Thetis to eat in exchange for some UFO sightings. - me
We are not benign. - says green Reptile
Do you have a name? What should I call you? - me
The King! - Reptile
Hello King. My Honored. - me
You are a respectful one. - King is quick to say
Yes. I have lived two years with Reptilians so I am used to these things. - me
We don't "shudder". - King

Continuation of this conversation goes into the archives, and comes out in a book... The King Reptile continues to tell me that he is from Alpha Thetis and they had a war with Alpha Draconis in the past. He tells me about how they need my eggs to eat the children and we discuss the ethics of this. The King Reptile talks about the importance of Iroquois, that they brought them here. And lots more.